Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh how I love this man!

I'm sick. Strep throat. which just hit and I mean WHAM-O...no warning. Sunday afternoon/evening. I'd been great that morning.
Couldn't be worse timing...okay maybe it could...but it's horrid timing for me still!

I don't get sick too often, thankfully, but when I do, it always serves as a reminder to me of the gift I have in my husband.
This is pretty horrid timing for him too. He's swamped with work and needs this to be a very productive week. Yet he's had to cook, clean, nurse, get Rx's, take me to the Dr, buy me some yummy soup, etc etc etc...
And he will absolutely NOT let me worry about any of that and the time it's taken from him.
He tells me he WANTS to do those things. The times I've voiced concern, he has looked me right in the eye and basically told me those thoughts are not allowed.

As much as I HATE being sick this week (HATE it)
I love this man of mine and am so very thankful for him!!

Other things I'm thankful for this week:
Parents who took the kids yesterday so they weren't exposed to all germs at the urgent care, and so hubby could get some work done.

The Dr I saw (my regular Dr had no openings) who took one look in my grotesque throat, and said there was no point in putting me through a strep test...there was no question! She was so kind! Me and my insanely strong gag reflex appreciated that SO much!

Tylenol PM! I'm one to let a fever do it's job and I rarely take anything for fever until it means a lack of sleep...and my 102+ fever meant lack of sleep so I broke down and finally took some....and I'm thankful for it!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


....TRADITION!!! I love traditions. Thought I'd share a few of our Christmas traditions


Christmas Eve night always means the first gift of Christmas....which must be new PJ's for all. And if Mrs Claus can find them...matching/coordinating PJ's for the kiddos. Makes for good pictures on Christmas morning when everyone has brand new, festive PJ's!!

new PJ's are followed by the traditional reading of Twas the Night before Christmas (we're big fans of Robert Sabuda)


and after Twas the Night before Christmas comes the reading of Santa Mouse!


Christmas morning we hold the kids at the top of the stairs. First Daddy interviews the kids at the top of the stairs, it's so fun to watch the videos from past years. but it's also lots of fun to 'torture' the kids a bit holding them off. Then they are let loose for the family room. (note the plate on the table...peppers and tomatoes for the reindeer were eaten, cookies for Santa...and we couldn't forget cheese for Santa Mouse)

One of the traditions carried over from BOTH of our families, is the cinnamon roll Christmas tree being part of the Christmas morning b'fast. At our house GrandMama and Papa come for brunch after presents are opened. Some years I make the cinnamon rolls homemade, sometimes I used pre-made. some years I put cocoa in the trunk's frosting so it's brown and cut a star to put on the top with some yellow or white frosting....but no matter what I get a whim to do or not do...there must be cinnamon rolls in the shape of a Christmas tree to eat Christmas morning!!

I hope that each of you had a simply delightful holiday making and creating memories with the ones you love!! Sorry for the lack of recent posts...after 3 weeks of nearly sleepless nights with the precious baby we were blessed to care for, we moved right into holiday madness. Limited hours in each day and the few free ones were spent crashed!!

Dec 27th 2005

Tomorrow she'll be 4.....I miss her!!