Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We spent last Friday in the kid's old kindergarten class. We helped with their Q & U wedding. Because of course Q & U can't live without one another. Have I mentioned that we have been blessed with wonderful teachers in our kids years in public school?? We love Ms E and were so thrilled she called us to help!

We got in from N'ville later than expected the evening before so I didn't have much time to come up with an idea for a cake...or time to cook, and ice...so here's what I came up with. With some creative brainstorming with my sister (THANKS LB)

I made royal icing and put a piece of handwriting paper under wax paper and let them 'write' Q's and U's with the royal icing.

they also made fondant balls and put it all along the edge of the cake as a border

John Mark was our official photographer for the day (remember the photography obsession...it's only getting worse)

Here's our finished product. The kindergarteners were pretty pleased with their wedding cake.

Then Saturday we headed to a friend's house and spent the night playing Wii....the picture makes us look stiff as boards...oh wait...perhaps it's accurate. The concentration was intense!! We had a great time just laughing together and hanging out! THANKS E for inviting us!

Top of the Morning to ya!

Did the Leprechauns get to the b'fast at your house too?

They even covered our table in green confetti...oh wait I think that was Miss MK

I was told these were 'aphids' on the pancakes...somehow didn't make the green pancakes any more appetizing!

oh yes, some of them were actually shamrock shaped...but we got lazy!

I am in agreement with Mr JM that food just doesn't taste good when it's green, thanks anyway leprechauns!

Friday, March 6, 2009

What John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, eats in March

So this week we've written about our thoughts on the phrase "in like a lion out like a lamb" and we've read about different words that were created from people's names. Like the word "sandwich" So when I came across this on the adorable site that I love Little Nummies I thought how perfect it might be for us this week!
photo from Little Nummies

although it would be even more perfect if the lion was wearing a cardigan and bloomers as we read about the history of those words too...truly words have such interesting history!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

a dose of reality.

I don't talk about it very much, but I have Crohn's Disease. I don't not talk about it because I'm ashamed of it. Not at all. I'll answer any questions anyone has. And I can talk about just about any bodily function because of my experience with this disease. I don't talk about it much because I don't want it to be what identifies me. Crohn's showed me how very blessed I am. My husband nursed me (and kept my toenails painted), my family cared for me and my kiddos, my friends supported me, my church cared for me...really...I'm one RICHLY blessed lady. So I don't see much reason to whine about it.

My daughter was a newborn when I was diagnosed. Then I got better for a short period, had my son and then got worse. I ended up being fed intraveneously for a few months because my body just really couldn't handle much food nor did it absorb the nutritional benefits of food. So I got to have this lovely contraption attached to me 12 hours a day (sorry it's the only pictures from those days I can find right now that I'm willing to post) it fed nutrients right into my heart and made me feel so good! Seriously isn't that the coolest bruise you've ever seen?? If only zebra/animal prints were popular back a few years ago I could have been super trendy!
Anyway, I don't like to dwell on my disease. My kids have a 1 in 4 chance of being diagnosed themselves and IF that day comes I want their reaction to be "oh no big deal, Mom has lived a full and happy life with the same diagnosis" Hey I even played a big round of tug of war while I had the PICC line pictured above!

I attempt to not let it limit me too terribly much. A few years ago I had a large chunk of my intestine removed and that has allowed me to live pretty much normal other than some limitations to my diet. Most people when they hear my dietary restrictions say "how do you eat?" but I've had much stricter limits so not eating fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, popcorn, etc...really hasn't been all that big of a deal.

But surgery for a Crohn's patient is only a temporary fix. There are recurring effects. And lately I've had to buckle down on my diet even more.

funny, I miss salads, pecan pie, strawberries, grapes, etc but it doesn't frustrate me terribly, never felt a real need to whine....but since having to buckle down even more I've discovered one food that I'm emotionally attached to apparently. OATMEAL....

oh yummy delicious oatmeal how I love thee! not the flavored packet junk, or 'quick oats'- the real thing!
When cold weather moves in oatmeal you are my favorite b'fast (or lunch or late night snack) with a little cinnamon and brown sugar...and even some pumpkin perhaps if i have it. oh there's something about feeling it go down my throat...I really love it...
mixed and cooked into a homemade granola bar...in a cold cereal, in a cereal bar in a storebought granola bar, etc etc...yes I love oatmeal. So it is with great sadness that I am forced to bid farewell to my lovely warm and gooey treat.

Bye bye oatmeal I already miss you dearly!!

(picture take from google images)