Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We spent last Friday in the kid's old kindergarten class. We helped with their Q & U wedding. Because of course Q & U can't live without one another. Have I mentioned that we have been blessed with wonderful teachers in our kids years in public school?? We love Ms E and were so thrilled she called us to help!

We got in from N'ville later than expected the evening before so I didn't have much time to come up with an idea for a cake...or time to cook, and ice...so here's what I came up with. With some creative brainstorming with my sister (THANKS LB)

I made royal icing and put a piece of handwriting paper under wax paper and let them 'write' Q's and U's with the royal icing.

they also made fondant balls and put it all along the edge of the cake as a border

John Mark was our official photographer for the day (remember the photography obsession...it's only getting worse)

Here's our finished product. The kindergarteners were pretty pleased with their wedding cake.

Then Saturday we headed to a friend's house and spent the night playing Wii....the picture makes us look stiff as boards...oh wait...perhaps it's accurate. The concentration was intense!! We had a great time just laughing together and hanging out! THANKS E for inviting us!

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