Tuesday, July 29, 2008

the past few weeks...

Well we have a zillion pictures of course of our trip to Honduras...but here's just some of the few I have on this laptopabout to head to the airport to go home. Not in the lovely part of where we stayed on Roatan our last 3 days in the country...but oh well we were running to the cab and realized we had not one picture of just us 4 from the entire 5 weeks.

Hubby and the kids on one of our water taxi rides. That's how you get around on the island of Roatan in large part. Great fun!

West Bay beach Roatan - wish I had underwater pictures to show off the coral reef....wow!! The snorkeling was AMAZING....it's the 2nd largest barrier reef to the one in Australia. And it is the most amazing thing ever!! We snorkeled for hours and rented some clear canoes when we were afraid the kids weren't going to be brave enough to venture out to the reef wall....the canoe ride was enough to convince them and they both immediately swam out there after we got back...I mean amazing!! MaryKyle would say "did you ever imagine a world like Nemo really existed?!!!"

ugh.....sand flies are NOT fun!

some of our dear ones that showed up at 5:30am to tell us bye...this was just as we loaded up to leave. Earlier than planned as there were protests we feared that might prevent us from getting out so we had to get out while we could. UGH...so this family, one other and a good friend - Alfonso, were the only ones we got to say good-bye to....UGH!! They knew because we ran into them just after we made the realization and MK went over there while we packed and ran around like crazy people trying to get it all done!

one of our 'pets'...he had another horn as long as the top one under the top one...crazy! That is hubby's foot. He is not a rhonocerous beetle, he is a Hercules beetle (look them up to get an idea of the horns and the size!)...and very cool!! He stayed around our house for a few days actually. The kids would go look for him in the mornings . Thankfully he was OUTSIDE!!!

sewing by hand....MK learned and sewed a lot by hand. Her friend Laritza (Angie can you see how your Laritza has grown...amazing!) is VERY talented and made MK the little purse one day, plus a hand embroidered pillowcase (not in the picture). So MK asked her to teach her so she could make something for her new baby cousin. So she stayed over there one afternoon and on into the evening and they sewed for hours!! MK surprised Laritza with a heartshaped pillow filled with beans, rice and cinnamon (we didn't have any stuffing or anything). Wish I had a picture she did an awesome job on it, I was very proud!!playing Uno (thanks Mike and Mandy!!) with a student from the school who asked to come over and hang out with me for a day.Our friend Irlinda and her son Carlos Andres' 4th b'day. He was so proud to help serve the guests! I have decided that Irlinda (who is also the kinder teacher at the school) is the Martha Stewart of Honduras, what she did for the party and the decor she makes for her classroom is just great!!!!!Hubby and our friend, Alma's, son Juan Carlos! He is too cute!!
Alma teaches 2nd grade at the school

John Mark and Fernando (a minister there)were BIG buddies!!
But few people called him Juan Marcos and most call
him Pablito (little Paul) since Hubby goes by Pablo while in
Honduras as his first name is too difficult to pronounce
for those who's language is Spanish. Paul is his middle
name so that works well!

The Victoria soccer team from La Ceiba and their reserve team came to Trujillo for an exhibition game while we were there. They even stayed up at our hotel. SUCH fun!! And even more fun that our friend Jeffrey was seen playing by the Ajax (pronounced ah-hocks) Trujillo team and was asked to play on their B team against the Victoria reserve team. Jeffrey did great -we were all so proud! His team lost by one goal in the last minute of the game, but Trujillo's AJAX team WON their game against Victoria....way cool!! Emilson is a big Victoria fan being from La Ceiba and he and Eda got the kids a jersey to wear as a good-bye gift!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

tagged....a little late responding...sorry Elizabeth!

Elizabeth tagged me just after I left and I missed seeing it. Well actually I did in Honduras, but I couldn't respond as the connection was horrid. So here goes. Sorry for the delayed response. I will try to do this, although I'm weary from travel.

Here are the rules:
a. Link to the person who tagged you.
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c. Write six random things about yourself.
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1. I just got home from 5 weeks in Honduras, and to be honest although I am happy to home to see loved ones, I cried as the plane was preparing for landing as I am just not ready to be here right now. It's overwhelming.

2. I love to cook...especially bake. But I enjoy cooking all together and want to learn to do really awesome stuff, but am fine with the mundane too!! But I get very nervous when cooking for others. So mostly hubby and the kids (and a few neighbors occasionally) get to test my experiments.

3. my husband & I dated 3 weeks before we got engaged and were married within 6 months when I was 20. I am thankful for praying parents who prayed for my spouse my entire life. I am very happily married to an incredibly wonderful man!

4. I am cheap. I drive an old car (96) that I absolutely LOVE and if it dies tomorrow I will search out another just like it!!

5. I do not like to shop..ever since I was really little, I can't stand to spend money so thus I do not enjoy shopping. I like the IDEA of it...but actually going...well I can talk myself out of any purchase out there!

6. I can't eat nuts, or corn. And very little fresh fruits or veggies as I have Crohn's disease and my intestines are too narrow for things that don't digest well (think width of yarn)...yep...life living on meat, sugars and carbs is SUCH a trial....ha ha ha ha ! Only for my waist and hips!!!!!!

I tag......hmmm.....too tired to think about it. must think tomorrow.