Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gas problems

Oh ugh...This gas stuff is driving me NUTS!! So tonight I learn that Wal-Mart close to us has some gas and short lines but they close at I scoop up my little one out of bed put her in the car and head to TRY to make it before close (we had 10 min). I prayed on the way that we made it before they close. We passed a gas station with gas on the way that had lines well...REALLY LONG ones! So we pull up to this gas station that is off set from the road and there are cars at the pumps and NO LINES!! HOORAY!! Great tip, right. I thinking Hubby will be so thrilled when I see him in the morning and I have a full tank of gas....swipe my card....nothing. Their tank had JUST gone dry....ack! So I just decide I am going to go sit in line at the other gas station but I only have a quarter of a tank and the line is NOT moving. I read they'd been like that a long time tonight so I figure they are going to go dry or close on me and it wasn't worth wasting my 1/4 tank....seriously this is getting NUTS! Plus my little one was WIDE awake and chatting away and needed to be ASLEEP!
So get home feeling like a failure, she asks to sleep with me and then comments as she crawls in bed "ugh...why's it wet?!" a bottle of vitamin water I had been drinking earlier that day spilled ALL over my bed, top just wasn't on there good. Why it was on my bed??? Who knows in my rush to leave for gas I think I set it there....UGH!! I just want the gas stations to have GAS!!!!!!!!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fall Fun!!

Every fall we talk about how busy our lives are....ha all I can say to that. We have never ever had a fall this busy!! We have about one day a week with nothing scheduled through October...but we have LOTS of fun things on the calendar too!! It seems like life has barely slowed down since we came home from Honduras. It's just crazy...but way fun too!! Here's a few pictures from a bit of fun from this past week - before the craziness 'really' begins! I don't know how parents with more than one kid playing sports do it! We had baseball 5 days this past week...whew!! 3 of those were games. Add into that Brownies, work, worship, etc...yep it's a full fall for us! So we are going to have to work and enjoying every minute of fun so it doesn't fly by and we forget to enjoy it!

tonight MaryKyle went to a friend's b'day party. Can you guess the theme??! Such fun...Mommy and Daddy of this little girl turned their home into "Emerald City" Yeah, you should have seen inside!!
Just took advantage of my 'twins' Ever since they were toddlers everyone assumed my kids were twins - they don't mind one bit. In fact since they are best friends they kind of like it. So they were thrilled to have the same teeth out at the same time!
MaryKyle dressed and ready for the party!

John Mark taking the wagon "road riding"

While helping Daddy trim trees (thus the safety goggles) they found this cool caterpillar! It's now in a jar in our kitchen...of course!! UPDATE: We studied to find out what it was and it's a Saddleback caterpillar...and it's venomous and! It's now in a cocoon thankfully. Now comes a rather hideous moth from what we've read...JOY!

Daddy's pumpkin...he says its the best....we all disagree, but we shall humor him!! ;-)
MaryKyle arriving at the party, greeted by the Scarecrow (aka b'day girls Daddy!!)
MaryKyle and the b'day girl!

Weenie roast fun...although I missed the pictures of roasting weenies. We all had a BALL on the teeter totter!!poor Elaine and MK didn't have a chance of coming down!the 'best' pumpkin (so we're told)John Mark got a horrid haircut - this is Daddy attempting to fix it as best as possible (John Mark is pretty picky about his hair)Daddy blowing out the candles on his pumpkin cheesecake b'day cake! YUMMMY!John Mark painted this picture for his Daddy for his b'day! Daddy loved it - to say the least!! We ate a VERY fast b'day dinner and were off to John Mark's b'ball game!
on base!!
Mk lost a tooth...well yanked a tooth...she forced the thing out after lying in bed for 2+ hours working it, it came out around 11pm (poor tooth fairy was cashless and digging through the house for $) Here she is putting her tooth in her glow in the dark tooth box GrandMommy bought her years ago
My adorable toothless girl!

Monday, September 22, 2008

baseball...a family affair

So we have all joined in the fun with John Mark playing baseball!! he thinks it's cool that since he's homeschooled he can practice every day! So at lunch, or a break, etc he heads out with his Daddy to bat or catch, etc....but the past couple days a few times we've all gotten into it the fun of practicing a bit together.

We have this cool bat away thing...well I don't know what it's called, but you strap it to something like a tree and it has a ball attached and then you can practice your swing alone as the ball comes right back to you. ANYWAY..the straps aren't very long so no tree in our yard is small enough or stable enough, etc to hold it. So what did hubby do? He walked across the street and has been attaching it to the stop sign in our sweet across the street neighbors yard.

I know, great form, right?!! Ha ha! It's the turquoise sandals I slid on to walk outside

John Mark's biggest fan!! She cheers the loudest for him at his practices and games and tries the 'chat' with him at odd times and assured me the other day when I explained it was poor timing that it would be fine for her to do so "Mom, I'm just a sister who wants to talk to my little brother, it's not a big deal" I love how much my kids love each other...I just pray it stays that way!
oh wait...did I mention the neighbor whose yard/stop sign we are using is a police officer? Notice his car in the background?

yes i know I've been instructed that I my feet were not square with the pole...or something like that...I have no idea, I have always had a great fear of objects hurtling toward my head. But it is fun,I will admit long as the ball stays attached to the rope I can enjoy it!

Neighbor and his precious wife assured us they didn't mind that it's city property, but still...thankfully (I think) this weekend my handy hubby got a metal pole and cemented it into our backyard to attach the thing to. I have a 12 ft metal pole rising from my backyard...okay so several feet are buried, but still......
fortunately it's hidden in the back of the yard behind trees so I can't actually see it from the kitchen window or even the deck.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like Mother like Daughter......aaahhh!!

Today I wore a skirt and heels, and I plan on doing it tomorrow. I'm in the process of changing my wardrobe, so in the coming weeks I plan to watch the sale racks to buy some more simple skirts and dresses. Nope not on a shopping spree...and I haven't lost so much weight, I'm sorry to say, that it merits a new wardrobe. But looking at myself I've decided I need to make some changes. The example of a 'lady' my daughter has been seeing is not what I want her to model. And as scary as it is to me, I want her to look to me for her example, her 'idol' if you will....not those provided by pop culture, TV, movies, etc.

I have a new goal, to be the lady I want my daughter to grow into. Sounds so simple doesn't it...ha! For you probably, but for me, in truth, it's going to be changing some habits, and comforts and stepping up to the plate! Now that my kids are at home all day every day hubby and I are their main/sole influence - which we LOVE and is one of the big reasons we love homeschooling, but it also can be overwhelming to realize the hugeness of that when you think about it!
So I am examining myself as a Mommy and what I need to change to be the kind of influence I want for my daughter. I want to influence her to be a lady, to be classy, to be patient, to be Christ-like, to be kind, to be dainty, to be modest, to be loving, to be Godly, to not try to call attention to herself, to look for ways to help others, and to realize that she can be beautiful and feel beautiful while being all of those things! I want her to see a Mommy who LOVES her job, a wife who LOVES her husband, a woman who LOVES God. I want to be more like my Mom was, she always looked beautiful and was such an awesome example of being a 'homemaker' as she made our home fun and beautiful, Godly and safe! She looked classy and always found it a pleasure to look nice for my Daddy each day. Somewhere along the way, I've lost that and my wardrobe has become more jeans (my favorites have holes) and t'shirts, etc

You know what I've discovered the last few days, when I get up and get my shoes on (not flip flops which is my usual footwear of choice) and my skirt, etc...I feel differently about myself! It changes my day, how I approach my kids, how I feel about myself, how I approach my husband...(and how he approaches me!!) I've always tried to put my make-up on and fix my hair to look nice for him...but I was still in jeans/t-shirt or 'around the house clothes' Amazingly, it makes me feel better about myself and more together even when I might not be. I pray that MaryKyle will see a woman she wishes to be like and grow into the woman that I want her to be and more importantly that God wants her to be!!!!! Because that, after all, is the focus of my job as a grow these children into the adults that God wants them to be! How I dress won't do that , but for now, it's a reminder to myself.Just call me June!! I won't mind, in fact...I'd be honored.
(yes I even wear aprons and love them!!)

Oh How I love fall! This morning we had oatmeal (not the quick kind) with cinnamon, a touch of brown sugar and some cooked apples and pears from Grandmama and Papa's property on top - with a few of our strawberries from our summer pickings thrown in for yumminess as well!!
It was a perfect fall b'fast.

Well except that my children heard that we were having oatmeal and quickly decided b'fast was going to be downright repulsive before they ever tried it. Ugh.....

We're having oatmeal again tomorrow!! Shhh...don't tell my kids!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Today I am feeling happy...why....I have so many reasons, but here's just a few...

Today we went outside as a family and this is what greeted us. We all love praying mantis' and this one let us get so very close. When he flew from the porch after a few photos we were his vigilant paparazzi who took more pictures where he was fun! Isn't he the coolest?!
This weekend Tristen and Tyler came to visit. We had great fun getting to spend time with our dear friends!
John Mark's team won his first baseball game. No John Mark didn't get a hit during the game, but neither did some of the very best players on his team. It sadly made me feel that wrong? But the kids altogether did a great job pulling together what they had learned in practice! Go Braves!!
And although I was in a huge hurry to make it to his game and forgot my camera, I am thankful that Tristen and Tyler were sure to take plenty pictures of John Mark's practice this past weekend!
It is delightfully cool today. MaryKyle even has worn long sleeves all day. It was a day that just called for the changing of the wreaths!! So, although it is a few days before the official start of fall we made a decision to be wild and crazy and socially unacceptable and show our fall colors!!

So today for these reasons and SO many many more...I am feeling thankful and a just a bit giddy! I pray each of you who might read this look around you to find things to be thankful for today as well!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

No way...not me!

I am not believing my new roll I've added under my Mommy title. I know many of you out there wear this hat too, but it's so not something I ever saw myself doing. I'm now officially a 'baseball Mom' Why so odd you say? I am not at all competitive. I also am mortified of baseballs being hurled through the air towards me. I also HATE listening to parents and coaches screaming at little kids. So this is a step out of comfort zone completely. Fortunately John Mark's coach is very nice and my hubby is helping him on the field with the team so that also helps me!

I went to the field for the first time Friday night for his practice. He had had one other practice, but it was Wed night at 6, and worship starts at 7. So he was only at practice a little bit before leaving to be able to make it to worship on time. So MaryKyle and I just met the boys at worship.
Friday night we arrived a little early so that John Mark could get a little comfortable before helps him since he's so shy, to kind of be there and feel a part before jumping in to things. So anyway there was another team on the field practicing before us and I literally teared up listening to the coaches and parents yelling at these kids...aaahhh!!!! They were the same age and will be a team we play. I guarantee they will win....and for me that's JUST FINE....I am fine with instruction and expectations but "if you're going to play like that get off the field" or "you can run faster than THAT!!!!" after 1 1/2 hours of practice for a 6 year old at dinner time and one who's just run REALLY hard to the base. Anyway....aaaacckkkk!!! Not so sure about this new role, but I do know I love my son and want to support him in his interests and right now his interest is baseball!! GO BRAVES (that's his team name conveniently!) I've even pitched to him to practice. It's amazing to me how we must step out of our comfort zones for our kiddos at times.

that's hubby with the Alabama cap on and John Mark with the backwards braves hat on
Papa was nice enough to come to see him practice (Grandmama was on the phone out of town)

John Mark to the left and Daddy to the right

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Laughing Pizza and the zoo!

well tonight was member's only night at the zoo. We told the kids about it a few weeks ago and they were thrilled...a night at the zoo is always fun, BUT tonight the group Laughing Pizza was going to be in concert...and OH MY GOODNESS they were thrilled about that. Our friend Alex went with us. The zoo in the evening is awesome!! Every exhibit we went to (not all...not enough time...tonight was a night of activities) the animals were out, no looking around to find them. We saw the entire Lion family (mom day and 3 baby cubs)- right at the window, the tiger, leopard, every elephant (they had them right at the fence with the keeper (the baby was with the keeper), we watched an alligator eat a turtle, some sort of huge bird find and carry around a mouse, the panda cub (not the one born this week although that was on live camera with the Mommy), etc was a great night for animal viewing. They had live entertainment around and lots of activities. Our kids made face masks, and 'flying snakes', watched a comedy magic show and well...just had fun. We were joined by our good friends the Harris' halfway through our evening. We got to eat with them and head over to the Laughing Pizza concert. And was it ever fun.
We had a great night for sure...later than usual for a Saturday night, but an absolute blast. Zoo Atlanta did a super job of making us feel special...right down to a security guard walking us all the way up the path through Grant Park to our car!!
the only animal shot I got...ha ha! It was cool though...beautiful owl, born at the zoo!

making masks

I don't know that man, but this was what the concert looked like...parents singing and dancing with their kids, jumping and waving hands, being silly and having great FAMILY time. A family band bringing families together in a way that makes everyone feel good and happy. What a great way to use their talents!!
MaryKyle was just beside herself. My usual insanely stiff child, had a SUPER time!!
So did my son!!
MaryKyle, Taylor and Emily of Laughing Pizza...oh my goodness...these girls screamed and went nuts about meeting her and hugging her!! And that she TALKED to them....oh my...

Mom and Dad Pizza just chatting! They are homeschoolers too and were just super nice and made our kids feel very special!! Never rushed them or anything!!
Their 'tour bus' / minivan!!!

the kids had a GREAT time...thanks Zoo Atlanta and Laughing Pizza!!

If you aren't familiar with them, they are on PBA 30 Atlanta's PBS station. They do the 'commercial breaks' with great songs, etc and have done it for a good while now. My kids know their songs. Which was funny because hubby had never heard of them and certainly didn't realize that we(yes Mommy knows the songs too...ha ha) knew their songs!! We all were impressed with the show and just what great songs they sung and how family friendly it was!