Thursday, April 24, 2008

A bit of Science Fun

We've been having some fun with Science around here so thought I'd share a few pictures. Today we learned about Solids, Liquids, and Gases and also about Chemical reactions, etc!!

We combined citric acid with baking soda, experimented with adding hot and cold waters. The kids called it correctly...the hot water makes it almost explode and the cold makes for a weak reaction!
Then we combined those two again and added red cabbage powder and experimented with adding more and less, etc to see all the color changes in the chemical reactions with more base, etc!! We had a lot of fun and they didn't want to quit. I will say though that in the picture it looks more like we are dying Easter Eggs...ha ha!!

Last week we went with friends to visit the farm where we buy our milk and got a full tour of farm, including the baby calves (one had just been born a couple days before), the new chicken barn, and the milking barn where we got to see the milking process from the start to it going into the gallons of milk we buy!! Mommy even got to milk a HUGE cow!! I didn't take enough pictures, but we had a really fun time even though it was pretty cool outside. Before we left we were sure to pick up some eggs, cheese and of course...MILK!! Today we had a b'fast the kids called "farm Fresh" because all the things we ate came from the farm!! Yummy!!!

Recently, with GrandPapa's help, we germinated tomatoes. We look forward to seeing what the summer brings for them!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday Boy!!

Sorry for the lack of posts...with having the car totaled, car searching and lots of regular madness around's been a bit crazy We finally got a new car on Saturday!! HOORAY!! So glad that's over!

Sunday was John Mark's 7th b'day!! He had a Huge Weekend! he spent the night with one of his buddies Friday night and they headed downtown to a robotics convention for the evening. Then Saturday they wanted to go back to the convention and after that went with some other friends to the Brave's game. Sunday he woke up to a decorated doorway, donuts with b'day candles and his presents from Mommy and Daddy. just as we were finishing b'fast we heard a truck out front. It was the US Postal Services delivering a b'day package (yes on Sunday) from ReMaw and Papa Gene!! The package also contained goodies for me and MaryKyle!! Whoohoo, fun for all!! Inside John Mark found a gift Certificate for a brand new bike...he was thrilled!!

After worship we headed to the restaurant of his choice. He kept telling me he wanted to go "to that junkie restaurant that Daddy likes and you don't" ha ha!! It ended up being Ryan's...ick! But we went and enjoyed our time with John Mark!! After lunch Grandmama and Papa came over to give him their gift. He got a personalized tool box filled with "real" tools that have his initials etched on them. Even a heavy hammer and hand saw. He feels so grown up now and is ready to find a project to use them on!!

What a b'day!! Daddy committed to spending the day focused on John Mark (no sunday afternoon nap - poor guy) So they went bike shopping. John Mark is THRILLED with his new bike and even got a few fun accessories! Then, after evening worship services we enjoyed his personal cake request (wet coconut)

A BIG day for a big seven year old boy!!! (and then he woke up at midnight throwing up with the same vicious stomach bug his good friend he'd spent the weekend with had a few days before so he spent the next few days down for the count)

Reading the gift certificate from Papa Gene and Remaw

using his new tools to help Daddy put his new bike together

hurry up Daddy!!

Wait...whose bike is this...ha ha!!

trying some tricks on the trick bike

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

This past Saturday we drove down to Pine Mountain Georgia and met my cousin Staci and her gang at the Wild Animal Safari (they were enjoying Spring break at Callaway Gardens in that area). I had never been before, but my kids had gone for a b'day party a few years ago and loved it! We all laughed SO hard...from the clunker zebra striped van we rented to drive through with our big bags and cups of food for the animals to the TONGUES we got to see close up on just about every animal!! Hubby and kids had told me the animals stuck their heads in the car and the shirts just as you paid that proclaimed "I Got Slobbered" should have prepared us. However, I don't know that anything would have prepared Staci and I for those tongues and the immense amounts of slobber!! Ever seen the inside of a camels mouth? I'll just say it's NOT pretty and Stac and I determined we would be fine if we went through life having never seen that again. it was a day filled with laughter for sure. If you are stressed in life and just need a good belly roll...plan a trip to the Wild Animal Safari, it will do the trick!!! This is only a glimpse at our trip.....I do have to say though that when the kids came the last time there were no bars on the windows of the glass no bars...just tongues in your face and laps...I LOVED THE BARS!!!!

Josh is way cool!!

Not the best picture as Cate ran right out of the frame, but I love it anyway because of their faces and John Mark pretending to run fast!!
Come on GO John Mark!!

Cousins are such fun!!

be sure you check out the tongue and brave Adam trying to give him some food

the view from my window!

I can't remember if this was a bison or an ox...the most disgusting mouth is all I can remember!!!

There were no bars on Daddy or Josh's windows...Josh kept his rolled up most of the time (yep, I thin he is the smart one!!)

notice how the giraffe's tongue didn't even all fit in the frame...that thing is LONG!!! Needless to say I was leaning on Staci most of the time!!

Lizy thought it was just the funniest experience...I have to agree!!

Here's some pictures of our outing to Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Although I did not care for the 'big bang/evolution' exhibits, we had a really good time and the kids love it. Although MaryKyle was certain she wasn't going to enjoy any museum that involved "History" she was quickly proven wrong!
MaryKyle took this picture

John Mark took this picture

we had a fun day together for sure!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Catching up.....

The last few weeks have been super fun, but also super busy!
We've attended multiple Easter Egg Hunts (3 to be exact I think),
Made a quick trip to N'ville, Had a good friend visit from Detroit, Gone to Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Gone to Wild Animal Safari in Pine Mountain, GA, Cuddled our sick niece, had a few Honduras Summer team meetings, gone to birthday parties, attended a fun family game night at friend's and squeezed in some school work amongst the fun!!

I'll divide up the pictures a bit so the following posts with be a start of our fun times!!! More to come....

Easter with Family

We were up most of the night with our niece and because she was so sick and my sister and brother in law up all night with her they didn't make it to any of the Family Easter festivities. We went pn to their congregation for worship and then headed across town for lunch and then to my Uncle's for a egg hunt and visit with him.Scout & Holly having a ball as always!!Mark and Brown
picture madness during family fun!!

I didn't manage to get MaryKyle's matching orange hair bow or John Mark's belt in the suitcase. Oh well....they still looked cute!

Cousins minus 2 (Ally and Laura Beth)

John Mark loves Brown!

A few of the next generation