Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Easter Egg Hunts

I decided attempt to divide up the pictures of a few of our events over the past few weeks.....
Here are our egg hunts leading up to Easter Day...

Neighborhood Hunt

Church Hunt
(in the country...shooting paintballs at some crazy volunteers)

We left just after the church hunt for N'ville. My niece was really sick with hives due to a reaction to a medication. This picture doesn't do it justice...it was so pitiful. We all took turns staying up with her and trying to bring her some comfort. We all just wanted to fix it for her! MK could never ask for just a chocolate bunny...no way...she wanted Fondant, batting, fabric, a sewing kit, pipe cleaner, etc...ha ha!! She was so thrilled her basket was filled with these things!!John Mark loves Origami, it exhausts Mommy and Daddy, but he loves it and loved his book!He's really getting into skateboarding and his other kneepads, etc are too small so we surprised him with a new set. He was thrilled and I think actually surprised I got them for him...ha ha!!

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