Saturday, March 15, 2008

Cookies and Eggs

We had a friend's daughters birthday party last night I did the cake for...Club Penguin...ever heard of it? I hadn't....ha ha! Chaney enjoyed challenging me with freehanding a cake...ha ha!! It was fun to do and Tessa knew what it was when she saw it, which had been my concern that she would see it and say "what on earth is that?" Especially since her Mommy had made the cake a pressure...hee hee!! We enjoyed hot dogs and company and then MK spent the night. She and Tessa both had to get up and go to their separate girl scout cookie booth sales this morning though. So the morning started pretty early! The blue thing is a 'fluffle' or something like that (Penguin pets). The Penguin and edges are chocolate as Tessa's penguin was Chocolate brown (til she changed it yesterday to green...ha ha!) Check out Club Penguin to enter your own Penguin world....John Mark had his new penguin surfing today! As soon as my kids saw the Penguins they wanted to try it...we are still learning though!!

We had a great day...even with the threat of nasty weather, we still had just a super day! MaryKyle and I spent the morning & most of the afternoon at Sam's doing a 'booth sale' for her Brownie troop and enjoying lunch with some Brownie friends and their Mommies. We just about sold out of cookies...whoohoo!! So exciting for these first year Brownies!! We only had TWO boxes left....hip hip hooray!!
Now if we can only get the last 8 orders of the 207 boxes MaryKyle sold handed out....arrgghh!!! This is more work than I remember it being when I was a Brownie!!! Guess that's because Mommy gets the brunt of the hard stuff. MaryKyle did sell all of her cookies herself so we were proud of her hard work, but the work that brings on for Mommy and Daddy is just...ugh!A Sam's employee who was nice enough to buy lots of cookies!!giving a thank you note to Sam's (interestingly enough that's friends from church standing in line to come to the CS counter!)
MK and her Brownie buddies!MaryKyle and her best friend Taylor!
My Sweet Brownie

We headed home to dye easter eggs with Daddy and John Mark! We had 3 different kits filled with stickers and paints and dye, etc etc....we all had great fun and I have blue and green fingers to show for it!

Hope your Saturday was as fun as ours!!Daddy making preparations while the kids finished their showersGetting instructions

a bit of our handi-work


Emily said...

Is one of those boxes Thin Mint? If so, I'll get a check in the mail! I am deeply impressed with your Cake Prowess by the way!

Courtney said...

Great job on the cake! I am very impressed! Glad you guys are having so much fun!

Rachel said...

Thanks you guys! You are TOOO kind!! ha ha...hope you both realize you know each other too since as Courtney and I have discussed this blogging world makes you realize how small the world is!
And Emily sorry, no they are all abouts! Somewhat new flavor of cookie and we donated them to send to Iraq for the troops!! FYI Edy's makes a GREAT Light Thin Mint ice cream...yummy!!

Kelly said...


I came across your blog through Elizabeth's. We are also homeschooling our son. The public school system in Davidson County, TN is not the best in the world and the middle school where we are zoned are kids that are all bussed in from the inner city. WOW - not going there.

I have looked at some of your entries and they are so fun to look at. The cake and eggs are very decorative. You did a great job on the cake and you did it all freehand, I am impressed.

I just wanted to know if you all live in the states or not, because I saw some entries about Honduras. One of my friends sons goes to Freed Hardeman and found out that one of the other students drowned in Honduras today while there on a mission trip. If you would please keep this family in your prayers.

Check out my blog @

In Him,


Rachel said...

Welcome to my blog Kelly! It's always SO wonderful to come across other Christian homeschoolers!!
Thanks for to kind words, and for taking the time to look at my ramblings!!
We got an email from FHU today in regards to the death of the student. Just horrible. If you haven't seen it, here is a link the blog of the missionaries who are there and who were with them when it happened:

We will be keeping them all in our prayers, just an absolute tragedy!

Thanks again for your kind words, I look forward to checking out your blog!

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Sorry the blog link is too long and blogger doesn't print it all need to add "tml" to the end so that the last 4 letters are html


Kelly said...


Thank you for the site. I found it and will continue to keep all of them in our prayers. I have just finished updating my blog so feel free to take a look at it. Have a great Easter Weekend with your kiddo's. You never know, we might actually know each other. It is quite a small world.