Sunday, March 2, 2008

We get by with a little help from our friends!!

Most of us have those friends. You know the ones you feel like are more like family. The ones that you don't have to talk to all the time, perhaps go months or longer without catching up. But the ones that you KNOW you can call ANY time for ANY thing, and be nothing but yourselves!!
The Walkers are those kind of friends for us. We met them back when we were all newlyweds and had just moved to the same little town outside Chattanooga. We worshiped there together for a couple years. We've all since moved, but still enjoy opportunities to get together every once in a while.
We appreciate so much their friendship and for opening their beautiful new home to us so we could escape our too quiet home this weekend and just try to get away and forget about the stress of the past few weeks and months. They were even sweet enough to share their treasured Yankee Scrapple with us! YUMMY!! Thanks Walkers, we had a wonderful time!!!

The kids had a ball on the their first 4-wheeler rides
Mommy didn't have a heart attack. HOORAY!!

planning their play
implementing the playwaiting as patiently as she can to take another ride!!keeping the gorgeous Brinks from eating us!! THANKS!

John Mark is already planning on crashing their pool this summer!
I think he likes their's better than ours!? Can't say I blame him - the mountains are a much better setting then the city!

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