Monday, February 25, 2008

Today was a tough one. Our baby girl "Li Li" came home yesterday from her weekend visit sick - again. As soon as we got her out of the transporter's car we knew she wasn't right. Then she screamed and CLUNG to me the rest of the day. Today she seemed better but still not quite herself. I called her ped's office first thing this morning and took her in for a visit and potentially good-bye. She has an ear infection that caused conjunctivitis in one of her eyes and the most horrid diapers EVER!! Our Poor baby!!!!

I hope everyone is blessed to have as wonderful a pediatrician for their kids as we do!! You can see the tears in her eyes. She adores our baby girl. She and her entire family have been and continue to pray for us and our baby. She has been a huge help and is just a blessing to our family!! Every child should have a doctor who loves them as much as ours does!

So school today was very relaxed. Something we are getting better about. I read their Bible lesson to them while they ate lunch. Then they headed out in the sunshine to finish their part of it and also did their handwriting and reading (MaryKyle a book about the Declaration of Independence, John Mark a phonics reader). They did math with Daddy while I took the baby to the Dr. (John Mark learned about borrowing so he could subtract 'big numbers' today) So they did get quite a bit done, just on their own time...which works well on days like today especially!! They were adorable out on a blanket in the backyard sprawled out side by side working and giggling! So School was a highlight of today actually!

We were told today that we must bring "Li Li" and her things packed to court Wednesday. If the family members are awarded custody (as is DFCS' plan) then she will leave from there to go live with them. UGGHHHH!!!
So what did we do...??? Cried.
And then we went to eat Mexican (Daddy and Mommy's comfort food) & then I went shopping! Funny I'm sure, for those of you that know me, since I hate to shop. I guess as is typical for most females, it can be therapeutic for me as well...who knew?! So after picking up her meds I ended up on an unplanned shopping spree. Don't panic, we'd
planned to do it, just didn't plan to do it today. But I just figure I don't want to be away from everyone tomorrow so I might as well go on and get some stuff....and once I started looking, well I had so much fun at Target I just moved on to another store!! I even broke down and bought 'character shirts' Crazy huh? But I don't think I've ever purchased for my kids an item of clothing with a character on it. But Aaliyah loves Abby Cadabby and Curious why not, right?!! PJ's and some winter stuff for next year and a couple spring/summer
spring and summer and some socks


Griner Mom said...

Hey Rachel!! It's Ashley from Arlington all those many years ago. I was so pleased to see your comment on my blog and sorry it has taken me so long to respond. It has been a little crazy lately! I love reading about your family and adventures. What an interesting life you and your husband have made. All of your children are beautiful, and I too am a therapeutic shopper! Do you keep in touch with Tressa Ashbury? Have a great day!

King Family said...

Just found your blog. The kids are so cute! I will be praying for you all!!

Rachel said...

Hey Ashley and Melanie!

Ashley - Tressa and I email occasionally. She and one of my college roommates from Freed work together. Small world!

Melanie -thanks. Glad you found it!! Hope Chris told you about the April reunion in the mountains! Bobby told me he had spoken to him.

If neither of you have heard you should both join the Arlington gang for a reunion the first weekend in April. Join our yahoo group to learn more. It's going to be so much fun! And anyone from our 'era' is welcome!! The more the merrier. It's Bobby, Ryan, Sheri, and Jesse and myself working on it.
here's the link for any other Arlington family members (graduates or not)

you'll have to request approval though. Just let us know who you are!!

Elizabeth S said...

Hey. Staci keeps telling me how alike we are. I, too, hate character clothing. But after the third one came along, I got a little more lax because I just didn't want to fight that battle. I just thought it was funny when I read that! Glad your schooling is going well.

Pablo y Raquel said...

Hey Elizabeth!! We are still tweaking and adjusting school. Took me a bit to relax and really let us set our own schedule, etc. But i'm getting there. Too funny about the character clothes. I don't know what it is, but I just alway bypass all that. Staci tells me the same thing, I took forward to perhaps meeting you in person and comparing notes sometime when I'm up that way!