Friday, February 15, 2008

Hiking with loved ones

So today we slept late (Aunt Buffy and Uncle Jason didn't get in from Illinois til around 2 am), ate pumpkin pancakes with sauteed apples (yum!!), the kids did their Math and Reading/Phonics then we all got ready and EVENTUALLY headed to Kennesaw Mountain. It was nearly 2pm when we got out the door. We walked through the museum and enjoyed reading lots of historical things. The kids enjoyed parts of it...although John Mark in a moment of total boredom (Daddy and Uncle Jason read just about everything there was to read) exclaimed "we're not here to read we're here to HIKE!" He would then get interested in some fact or artifact - did you know the confedetate army had requirements of how many teeth a recruit must have so they could rip off the wrapping of their ammunition with their teeth....?? We did eventually hit the mountain and hiked to the top. It was a nice hike, Daddy nor Mommy had either one ever done it. Sad since we are so close, we should go once a week or something, great exercise and a fun time!!
the view from the top---if you can see, Stone Mountain is in the distance
in the center of the picture
John Mark was exhausted and hungry and proclaimed a few times he wasn't going to make
it to the top. This time he made a plan for what he wanted to be
doing instead. Sadly for him, no one else agreed so he decided to come on up to the top after all
aren't they adorable!! ??

The kids had control of the camera for the pictures of their Aunt Buffy and
Uncle Jason!!!

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