Monday, February 11, 2008

something about me...

I love to bake. Really I love to cook in general, but rarely have time to truly 'cook' any more - hubby used to say he'd never eaten the same thing twice in our kitchen...ha not the case any more. My kids are enjoying learning though so if Mommy can give up the reigns and allow them to create more (meaning..make a mess) they would really get good I think. When I became a Mommy, I wanted to learn to decorate cakes so I could do their b'day cakes. My Husband and I both have such fond memories of our Mommies doing that and love looking back at pictures of our special cakes!Strawberry Shortcake was my all-time fave my Mom did. Dukes of Hazards was hubby's...running closely with Starwars. Pretty fitting my first cake I ever did was a S'berry Shortcake...hadn't thought about that until just now. Cool.

So here are a few of my cakes. Can't believe I'm doing this as I know those of you out there that really decorate cakes will feel embarrassed for me...But I have fun and my kids enjoy it and for me it's all about creating memories for them, not perfect cakes FOR SURE - far from it!!
MaryKyle helped with the Q & U wedding cake for her kindergarten
class!We had fun working on this one together.

I think this is one of the oddest looking cakes I've ever seen. It
was a vintage pan and I warned my friend it was going to look odd.
Her little girl wanted Wonder Woman so bad, they didn't care...
yep it's odd you can admit it!! Don't worry I didn't charge them for it!!!

The first child we fostered, Kimothy, LOVED Larry the cucumber. At that time no
Veggie Tale cake pans existed so I had to make something up for
his first b'day real quick. We hadn'tplanned on having
a party so these were last minute!!

100 days of school in the school colors.

Elmo was for Aaliyah's b'day


Sheri Ellis said...

They look great! I know what you mean though, I got in a baking kick when Austin was born. I baked and decorated Keith and Melinda's cakes in Oct/Nov. Guess I need to work on one for Chris next month. That is the last birthday before Austin's. 4 1/2 months to go and I'm already trying to decide what his party theme will be.

David and Samantha said...

Looks like you have a real talent! Thanks for posting on my blog. It has been a long time. Glad to see that you are well and have such a lovely family!

Courtney said...

Cute cakes! I am impressed!!!