Thursday, February 7, 2008


My husband just returned this week from a brief trip to Trujillo, Honduras, which has the entire family longing for and dreaming of our next trip. We are SO ready to BE there!!
We have been several times, but this past summer was our favorite. The reason....we took MaryKyle and John Mark with us!! We felt like they would like it, but the long bus rides from San Pedro Sula to Trujillo, new foods, little rest and not knowing the language...well we weren't 100% certain how it would go with a 6 & 7 yr old...we should have known better. They loved it as much as us & BEG to go back!!! They had playdates and sleepovers and went to class at the school with friends they made, etc!
We look forward to a month or more in Trujillo this summer. And longer in the future, God willing! Each night John Mark prays for us to have "a safe trip to Honduras and a safe trip back from Honduras" He's READY! We all are!!So here's a brief view of what we're dreaming of....Sorry it's so long!!our friend Alfonso and John Mark
They attached to Angie immediately. This is our first evening in country at the Hotel Villa Helen's in Sambo Creek
They are looking forward to the possibility of Angie coming to live with us for a year

The beautiful house where we stayed - I know you can't see much. It's built on the side of a mountain. The owner invited our group to stay there and arranged for his cook to come from Olancho and feed us. Oh my...we ate SO good! John Mark's comment was - "the owner must be very rich to have such an incredible cook" I think he thought he must be royalty (we've never met the owner in person FYI). Adelia is a fabulous cook. This was my second trip to have the joy of being fed by her...she truly has a gift. I learned to make homemade flour tortillas. We make them about once a month here at home now, but to feed 25+ with them where there is even leftovers after we've all stuffed ourselves... keep in mind they are all patted out by hand...Wow! We would ask her how she was able to do it and she would say "It's like God multiplying the loaves and the fishes I just always have plenty"Our sweet wonderful cook Adelia (right) and my good friend Eileen
MaryKyle helping with the shower room for 'Senor V'

Papa (my Dad) and John Mark building a supply rack for the teachers

Irlinda and me. she teaches first grade at the school.

The kids spent a day at our friend's house and were so thrilled to learn to wash clothes in a pila!
The aqua cylinder is the detergent
My lap one night at devotional.....just the way I like it!!
and yes all 3 are SOUND asleep.

John Mark sharing his hand sanitizer with his new friends

The day we left at the La Cordillera hotel in San Pedro Sula
tired from a busy trip, but wishing we didn't have to leave so soon

The video below is from MaryKyle's sleepover she had one night. Watch her lips closely after the chorus...too funny (I have NO clue what she's doing with her nose!!!) That's Angie again on the left. Arlington Christian School is raising money for her tuition for a year so that she might come and go to school there. My children already call her "sissy" and are so excited about the possibility for her coming to live with us! We tried for this year, but the embassy denied her Visa after much effort because she didn't speak enough English. She is now in English class 4 days a week. Alabare is the song they are singing and the general meaning is "I will praise my Lord"

They all slept in one twin bed. Completely normal for our Honduran friends. MK is not the easiest kid to sleep with, but each time she moved, I'd look over and Yaneri and Angie would be patting her in their sleep. It was wonderful! I do have to say though while they were all changing into their PJ's I heard all this giggling. Yaneri and Angie were giggling at how white MaryKyle is and it got MaryKyle all giggly know typical slumber party. Doesn't matter they don't speak the same language...girls will be girls!


Angie said...

It's so good to see those faces! We're very "homesick" for everyone there in Trujillo, especially our sweet Laritza. We're actually considering taking Emily at a very young age, because I can't stand being away for so long. How did you get a connection to stay at this house? The bed bugs at Villa Brinkley TEAR ME UP every year, and a different mattress (or cot or hammock for that matter!) would be a welcomed change! And Adelia..... did she move away for years and then come back?? My sister went to Trujillo YEARS ago, before the school, and knew a cook named Adelia. Just wondering if this was the same woman. Thanks for directing me to your blog!

Rachel said...

Angie, I'm going to send an email to Brad's email about the house and Adelia. We won't be able to stay at the house this summer I don't think, but have some other options it seems other than the Brinkley we are looking at.
YES it's the same Adelia. She still is living in Olancho but comes into Trujillo to cook at the house when the owner is there, etc...
We would have LOVED to have taken Aaliyah this past summer (at age one) but DFCS won't let us take her out of the country of course. But we would have. Would have been interesting and the house made things like that more possible and lots easier...except NO hot water...Brrr...