Friday, January 30, 2009

still coupon crazy here!

okay sorry for the lack of posts...just been a crazy few weeks and didn't figure anyone really cared to hear about it...not even me...ha ha!!

So today I went to Publix. I didn't take a picture of my loot. I need to start taking the camera to the store so you can see how full the buggy is...for some reason that helps me feel better but when I post a picture of it all on here it looks like less to me.

So today my stats were: SPENT: $55.60 SAVED: $86.60

7 cans of Hunt's natural diced tomatoes
2 16 oz Breakstone Sour Cream
2 boxes velveeta (printable Q $1/1)
6 boxes quacker granola bars
2 boxes gallon sized ziplock bags
2 boxes quart sized ziplock bags
1 gallon organic milk
2 tubs Dean's light french onion dip
1 bag chex mix
6 boxes keebler crackers (printable Q $1/1)
4 boxes nabisco crackers
2 tubs Sabra hummus
4 Stacy's natural pita chips
1 folgers hazelnut decaf
1 box hefty cinch sack trash bags
2 bags lays chips

The only things I didn't have a coupon for were the milk (on sale) and the potato chips (BOGO)

again if you want to save check out and if you sign up please put me down as your referral I would greatly appreciate it as when 3 people sign up with my email address I get 12 weeks FREE...and we love FREE!! But even if you don't do that...sign up! It will save you tons of money - why on earth give it to the retailers when you don't have to?!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

You asked....

Okay so many have asked to see how I file my coupons. I said I'd get this up last week, but you see I'm a truly unorganized person and a real slacker and just didn't do it....forgive me! Also, I feel as if I'm wasn't my idea. Every single bit of it came from an organized couponer, I'm only so organized because of her...and I've never even met her!

If anyone wants to get the file I used to create my categories and labels if you know my email, email me. If not leave a comment with your email and I'll be happy to get it to you! It's very detailed and wonderfully done, but again I can NOT take credit for it...a friend of my sister's who also does Grocery Game did it..and if she ever happens to read my blog, THANK YOU RACHEL!!!!!!!

if you are just getting started and want the links and info of what I do, go Here

So here's my book...another gift from my sister's friend Rachel (wow...never met you but you so ROCK!) she passed on what she did and we just did the exact same...why mess with a good thing, right?

You can find it at Office Max ($12.99) There's only this cover and one with a sports theme. I went with this as my saved money helps me relax and afford the more fun things in a few days on Roatan in Honduras this summer and it looks JUST like this!

Here are the tabs....the main categories (sticky file tabs from Office Max, I think the package was $2)

and why this picture is wasn't taken that way nor is the file that way...arrgh!

but this is an example of it opened.

The sub topics are very specific and detailed which helps you find your coupons quickly.

these categories are great...have those weekly 40% off Michael's coupons?? Or the Publix Penny coupon (love those!) Or when you checked out were you given a coupon to get $5 off your next purchase or problem...file them in the stores section! A big time saver!

There is also a receipts section, which is really important when doing Wal-Greens rebates!

Well, Happy Savings! Not sure it is, but hopefully this is helpful to someone!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Cookie"/"she who shall not be named"

Picture is tonight...Tuesday night. My daughter doesn't make it through the night with a single pillow on her bed...she has several, but never in the morning FYI. I promise I do provide pillows

"So what's going on with the doggie" answer:
we don't know.
She's still here.
hubby still maintains "We don't need another dog!"
I have taken her to the vet for an exam and we do know someone who MIGHT be interested..we shall see. We've posted found reports, checked for a microchip, etc. We're told she is most likely the result of a foreclosure or economy in general...apparently people are leaving their dogs behind when they lose their homes, etc........I just won't go there....she's safe, warm and gets tons of attention and lots of suggly places to sleep...her favorite!

Scholastic Dollar days

HOORAY for Dollar Days at Scholastic!! Click here
to see the list of great teaching aids for homeschoolers, classrooms and churches all for only $1. And shipping is cheap too. I got $14 of stuff and paid just over $2 for shipping, better than 6-7 for this cheapwad. So excited about some fun History supplements I got and some test practice books, etc Since this is the year that my oldest is required to take a standardized test.
But FYI any homeschoolers out there, I'm guessing this is follow up to their annual warehouse sale...just what's left...many are already out of stock so act fast if you are interested!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

All because of Winn Dixie

Today coming home from church as we pulled in our neighborhood we noticed one of our neighbors pulled over with her emergency flashers on. So we quickly called her cell to ask if everything we okay. Afterall it was freezing, even at the top of neighborhood, it would be a cold walk home from the entrance.

She said she was fine. Just keeping an eye on a stray dog that had been in the middle of the road a few min before with traffic stopped all around we SHOULD have just said "oh, okay...good luck then" but NOOOOOOO and it was all
just a little trespassing, blanket getting, leashes, borrowed collars from newly introduced to neighbors, chicken fingers, cheese (thanks Heidi for sharing your freshly purchased groceries) & dog treats later (from newly introduced neighbor Greg who's porch Heidi and hubby stayed on forever) working to try to lure little doggie from running when you got within 15ft of her, snapping at them and biting them to allowing them to get a collar and leash on...while I ran back and forth home for blanket, leash, etc and kept the kids in the car as not to scare the doggie more. Notice I STAYED IN THE CAR...I was NOT involved in the actual rescue, I was not the one to walk the dog on the leash home to our house (The stench was way too much to put in either of our cars...really poor doggie was PITIFUL smelly!). Now I did bathe the dog and cut out matted fur so she could see again and such, but....I did not work patiently for I would guess 45 min to gain the doggies trust, etc...hee hee...nope not I!
after all the work was done by HUBBY AND HEIDI...let me introduce you to:
Oreo (MK)

or is she Cookie Crumb? (JM) or just plain "cookie" or "she who shall remain nameless" (Mommy)or is she just plain "not staying" (Daddy)....the future is yet unknown...

But, can he resist the tears of a 9 yr old little girl (who is presently crying herself to sleep and yanking her Daddy's heart girl don't you think? wink wink) and the pleadings of a 7yr old little boy? They can be pretty stinkin' convincing if I do say so myself!! And the fact that little "whatever" has so far appeared to be potty trained, loves to be curled up against us in thanks and our big old Sydney seems to like...not just tolerate...having her around...hmmm....Going tomorrow to see if she is chipped and we might find another little girl yearning for the pup crying herself to sleep missing her somewhere. But for now...isn't she adorable?

Anyone missing a Lhasa Apso?

Update 1: okay so I know so many of you are going to think I'm a cruel heartless Mom, but I had to document what she is putting her poor Daddy through at present...she was sobbing and "oreo" jumped on her bed for snuggles and when she started again sobbing "she who shall remain nameless" nuzzled her and wiped away the Daddy is mumbling something about "I should never have gotten that stupid ~grumble grumble ~ Winn Dixie movie from Netflix this week to watch on Clearplay...~grumble~that dog needs to be in the garage..~grumble~.the dog is in the bed WITH her for goodness sakes! ~mumble mumble" And what am I doing?? laughing...out loud (as muffled as possible) And I apologized to my father for every single time I cried over a stray animal or to keep an animal, etc!!

perhaps her name should be "WINN DIXIE" yep...we're getting there!!!

Sure wish I'd taken before pictures, although I'm quite certain somehow the stench would have permeated the camera even and I will spare you that!! Let's just say she needs a few more baths and probably a full shave instead of just the mat clipping we've done as best we could to recover from whatever adventures this poor little one has experienced the last few cold wet days/nights!

Update 2: MK cried herself to sleep pretty much and never even got under her covers "she who shall remain nameless" came downstairs and nuzzled me a sec while I was laughing with my sister over this whole thing and then disappeared...and this is right back where I found her - and yes MK is truly sound asleep! Oh yes, and Daddy who had asked for me to be quick on his computer so he could do a bit of work tonight...well he went to bed with the bedroom door closed while listening to a book on is shuffle (I think to drown out the cries of his sweet little girl)

we're toast (THANKS Heidi...Rachel Mc...remember the last time Heidi rescued a dog??!ha ha haha!!) and Heidi you SO owe us! hee hee!!Love ya girl...

(Emilee take this as your warning...first there was this aren't may end up with a horse in your backyard)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Consumer Product Safety Commission makes clarifications

this clarification applies to resalers...thrift stores, consignment stores, consignment sales. It's a start for sure, but does anyone know about those from craft shows and such that make handmade children's items? You know like the burp cloths and adorable pillowcase dresses, handmade blankets, and handmade toys? I'm not sure this clarification is enough yet, but at least it's a start!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Word???!

Not the exclamation, but instead
What word will I choose to focus on in 2009??
A friend from highschool was encouraged last year to find a word to focus on for the year. Like your personal theme of sorts....She has done it again this year and I just think it's a great idea. So I hope she doesn't mind if I steal it.

But I think my word will be SERVE....
I was just discussing this a little bit, late the other night (too late girl...ha!) with my sweet neighbor.
The last few months I have really been struggling with:

what am I doing for God?

What sacrifices am I making?
not just financially, but of my time, my energy, my 'stuff' etc.

I feel like I say I'm 'busy' a lot, but what am I busy doing?
Am I "about my Father's business"
or am I busy doing fruitless empty self-serving acts.

It truly has started grating on me. The day I spent delivering clothes in Honduras...working side by side with those that had been served because they had so little while they served others who had even less has just had even more of an impact on me I think than I ever imagined. I've been all over the world, seen lots of things, been impacted in many different ways, but this one....
Well it's stuck in my brain and deep in my heart. On so many levels. Not sure why this had the impact it did on me, perhaps it's just God's perfect timing.
So this year I want to not just look, but FIND ways to SERVE. I want to make efforts to sacrifice as I've been shown by example to do Biblically and in my life as well. I will start at home:

I want to serve my amazing husband selflessly, not selfishly...expecting nothing in return (ack!) I want to honor him, bring honor to him and lift him up because he is a true gift from God worthy of my service!

I want to serve my incredible children.
that I live each day in awe of. Iwant to do it without grumbling or complaining. I want to wash their clothes, clean their toothpaste from the sink, walls, floor, etc (how on earth did they get it on the ceiling?!!) without getting snappy. I want to teach them the love of God. I want to show them a world where life isn't about how much money you make and how much stuff you have and what kind of car you drive, but about what you can do to serve those around you, to show others you love them and that you care. I want not a day to go by that my family doesn't feel how deep my love, respect and pride is for them and not a day to go by that I don't mention to my children how much their heavenly Father loves them too!
it's a start...we'll see where the word takes me and how well I can do

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


PLEASE PLEASE get involved and contact your reps...I've sent messages to everyone I know to. No matter what state you are in, this is HUGE! If you are a Mom like me that enjoys an awesome consignment sale or store. Or if you love to go to Craft shows and buy your children handmade products like myself or if you just love to go wonder around a great craft show soaking in all the craftiness around you...that is about to end. I've read about this over the past few weeks, but until a consignment boutique sale I go to twice a year sent this message I honestly thought "oh no way will that happen"'s happening and we Americans need to STOP IT!!! So HELP....anyone who has ever bought anything in on the link at the end and WRITE a letter to let them know how many Americans will be adversely affected or just plain won't like it!!!!!

Here's the note I got...I know it's long...JUST READ IT!!!!!!

....We wanted to let you know about a new law, CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act) that goes into effect on February 10, 2009. The intent of this law is very good; it is intended to guard against elevated lead levels in children's toys. However, it appears that the law was very hastily conceived.

Essentially, this law renders any children's product, that has not been specifically tested for lead, a "Federally Hazardous Substance" and illegal to sell. The law is written to apply "retroactively," which means that after Feb. 10, 2009 the selling of any used children's product that has not been specifically tested for lead will be a crime. This affects our seasonal consignment events, consignment stores, thrift stores, ebay transactions, church yard sales, individual yard sales, even private individual transactions." It also affects all of you creative moms that have turned your handi-craft into a business by making bows, designing clothing, painting furniture, hand crafting toys and bibs.... none of these things can lawfully go to market without first absorbing the extreme expense of lead testing.
We are confident that this law, when further explored, will be amended. We are told that an exception clause is being considered for clothing. If it is not amended, all consignment sales will need to shut their doors on Feb 9th or be in violation of the law. We are very hopeful that this exception clause will happen quickly, maybe this week.
HOWEVER, if it appears that a solution is not forthcoming, we hope to move our sale up a few weeks in order to beat the Feb 10th implementation date. Wow! That means a sale very soon! Can we, can you, pull it off! We think we can! We'll try! Our decision will be made soon, we are trying to sort through all of this. Please be patient, we are as eager for answers as you are.
PLEASE GET READY TO SELL.....Our Sale could be VERY soon! If this law is not amended, this may be your last chance for a very long time to either SELL or SHOP at a consignment sale. If you have ever considered selling your children's clothing, now is the time. PRICE to SELL!! Shop for next year and the next. Fine Children's Clothing is about to become VERY EXPENSIVE!
In the meantime, PLEASE contact your congressional representatives and tell them to amend this law! The email link is below:
Here's the website:

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Mark this day!

This week has been my best savings week's my totals:

PUBLIX: Spent 87 SAVED $124.85
Kroger: spent 11.35 SAVED $38.92

***drum roll please***

Walgreens: spent $0 saved $119.68
got $3 to spend next time
(doing a HAPPY dance!!)
(everything in the picture above cost me $11.35 this
is Wal-greens and Kroger purchase from today keep in mind things are stacked on top and behind each other you can'tsee it all on my little table, sorry!)

I would post all the lists, but that would be insane so since Wal-Greens was my best store this week here is my list of what I got from there:

4 boxes of Splenda granules
3 Ajax powder cleaners
2 large cans of Niagara spray starch
4 boxes of Electrosol gel tabs (dishwasher detergent with drying agent)
2 Palmolive dishsoap
1 pkg wax paper
1 box 1 gallon ziplock (walgreens brand)
1 box zipper sandwich bags
3 toilet bowlfresh things
1 Glade french vanilla candle
1 Revlon new matte blush
2 bottles Garnier Nutrisse Shampoo
2 bottles Garnier Nutrisse Conditioner
4 different kinds of Garnier Nutrisse styling products (mousse, shine, hairspray, etc)
1 box Frosted Mini Wheats
1 box Smart Start cereal
1 box Special K with strawberries
1 box frosted flakes

I think that's it.....I'll start the next part by saying : it's GREAT!!!
Yes you have to pay for it, but I earned my money back with zero problem today. You only pay every 12 weeks. I get it for 3 stores...Kroger, Publix, and Wal-greens (its $10 for the first stores list and $5 a list after that) tracks the instore sales, weekly sales flier and coupons...and tells you what coupons to use on what sales how much you'll save and if it's worth it or not...for 3 stores I pay $20 every 12 weeks...although right now I have it for FREE because so many of my friends have signed up too and gotten hooked (had no idea that was part of it when I told them about it FREE!!)

if you sign up (there is a FREE trial you can do) please be sure to put my email address in as a referral....I would appreciate it greatly!
thadandrachelb (at) msn (dot) com

HERE and HERE are past blogs with more links and info

here's how I did it today for those wanting to know.

The coupons in the paper will combine with the coupons in Wal-greens Wal-Greens offers rebates on items all the time PLUS inside the rebate book (just inside the store) there are even more coupons.

For instance (the grocery game told me just what to do where to find my coupons and how to use them)
The garnier nutrisse coupon is in the rebate book..combine it with the ones that were in this past Sunday's paper, combined with it being on sale and you end up getting it all FREE (I actually got money back because a couple things I got were at closeout price below the sale price)!! So you can get as many as papers as you rec'd...I got 4 this past week because there were so many awesome coupons in it. Although the Wal-greens coupon says on it one item per coupon, the cashier told me that is not the case and stopped me from clipping the coupons out of so many different easy saver books....she can just scan the one coupon that many times with no problem.

My total above does not reflect the rebates that I will receive for certain items. BUT it does reflect me using the Wal-greens card with last months rebate $$ I got back on it. The $3 was a register reward....for buying the 4 boxes of cereal (on sale and I used a coupon, but the register reward just states 4 boxes of kellogs cereal, doesn't matter of the sale of if you have a coupon)...I got a $3 card for my next purchase.

my total without that the rebate card would have been $39. 78. But I had my Wal-greens gift card with the money I earned in rebates from last month (you can choose to just get a check in the mail but if you choose a gift card they add 10%). My total for rebates for this month is already I think $15.....and still a few weeks to go so I will just keep turning that money over and using it the next month...hope that makes sense. If not and you want to learn just let me know, I'll try to explain better. I have NEVER been a coupon person, I was the person that clipped them VERY occassionally and they never made it to the store with me. I never knew prices on what I bought, I just bought what I needed/wanted....

NOW I have a grocery store at home. I don't shop from a menu, I stock up on awesome deals and then I have plenty to create menus from right in my own pantry. I have a basket in my linen closet of shampoo, toothpaste etc that I get for free and it's there when we need it and I have a cleaning shelf with cleaners and such and's great...So if there is ever some big storm...come on over, we will want for nothing!! I haven't grocery shopped in a few weeks...avoided the Christmas madness...I already had what I needed overall and had no reason to go.

HERE's a key so many not clip coupons and just use them that week...HANG ON TO THEM, that's why they don't expire for a while...sales cycle about every 12 weeks and you can catch a great sale and then use a coupon!

The biggest plus to couponing is have lots of stuff to donate and I encourage anyone doing it or getting started...don't build up so much of an insane stock when others around you might benefit from your savings too...

SHARE the blessings!!