Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

Wacky because this is not something I ever saw myself enjoying

I've always been amazed when my friends use coupons and talk about all they save. I have a brother in law that has rubbermaid containers filled with toothbrushes, power strips, shampoo that he got for free ...and always has a pantry filled with yummy food...all bought at rock bottom prices. He's even bought hardwood floor for their entire house for an INSANE deal! He's a genius when it comes to sale shopping and couponing, and money management. It all sounds so good in theory, but I didn't have time for that and when I did try to clip coupons I inevitably forgot to use them!

Recently I've decided I am throwing away a significant amount of money that I just don't have to. Plus I want to teach my kids to be really good money managers. So I decided to give this coupon madness another shot....I'm totally new to it all, but here's what I'm doing and I'm certainly seeing a huge difference!

I start by buying the Sunday AJC for 1.00 on the corner in my town...AJC (Atlanta Journal & Constitution) wanted $12 a month to do Sunday only delivery?? ? What on earth?! If someone knows how I can get it for less let me know!! But for now I'll buy it at the stop sign just down the street! Plus the people that sell it are super nice and friendly...always a perk for my customer service craved self! Plus they are there on Sat and Sun with it. So if I'm really ambitious (rarely) I could have my coupons clipped & organized on Saturday night

I joined - The Grocery Game the biggest benefit is that it saves me comparing sale ads to coupons and it knows the in-store specials to combine with coupons so you don't have to take every coupon to the store to do the math. Finding a way to organize your coupons is the hardest thing to this...I'm getting there and pretty pleased this week with what I've done. But that's more details than you need right now!

I signed up for ShortCuts & P&G esaver they have coupons that can be loaded onto your kroger plus card (along with other nationwide chains) paper! These coupons generally can't be doubled but they CAN be used along with a paper one for even more money off an I got green giant frozen veggies for free combining a coupon from the paper along with an e coupon

something else I have Walgreens offers rebates for items (other stores too, but I think theirs are generally the best). Get their little booklet of rebates just inside the door. Many many items can be bought and then you get a full or partial rebate...use a coupon on an item you get a full rebate on....and you make money!! This includes TONS of items...make up, groceries, extension cords, medicines, toothpaste, shampoo, etc etc just never know! I recently got a $28 rebate check for a register receipt of $32!!
I now keep a basket (laundry basket sized) in the floor of my linen closet filled with extra toothpastes, toothbrushes, shampoo, tylenol, etc when we are out we go there first! Started it back in August and we've not run out of anything. But almost everything in that basket I got for free or just a few pennies!!

So here's my latest savings for proof. last night I made a quick run to Kroger. My total to pay was 101 dollars and my savings was $70...HOORAY!! I have plenty of meat, veggies, bread, feed my family for a good while...we're talking ground beef, two huge turkeys, 2 huge boneless pork tenderloins, etc etc etc Things I will put in my freezer (along beside the packages of hormone free chicken breasts I got two weeks ago for $1/lb) and pull out as needed.

The key is to buy things at rock bottom prices...and stock up. Create a 'grocery store' in your pantry of items you bought at their lowest price possible. It makes me happy to look in my pantry every day now glancing around at the deals I've gotten!

Yep I think I'm addicted...while hubby watched a movie last night I worked on organizing coupons and shopping for the best deals. I get a high when I know I've made a great deal!!!

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EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Great Job! We Binkley's are big bargain shoppers, but I can't seem to get into the coupon and rebate thing. My sister has been doing it for years and feeds and clothes a family of four on a tiny Air Force budget! I really do want to save money and be better with my spending, but so far I haven't had enough motivation to take it up yet! I do use an occasional coupon, but I know I could do better. I guess I need to get some lessons from you and my sister!! Congrats on the great savings!!