Saturday, November 22, 2008

Art house: every day!!

My Mr Wonderful completed a long-awaited project today!!


We found these frames and painted them

My sweet wonderful hubby Hung them on the walls. He hung down from the hanging nail thingy (don't you love my technical terminology) some handy dandy hooks we had (for something else) from IKEA and attached clips like this:

here's a close-up so you don't get overwhelmed by the technical mumbo jumbo
PREEESEEENTING our family art showcase!!
Totally changeable...MK drew the Christmas tree real quick while Daddy was hanging the frames so she could put it in (although she only got copy paper and quickly realized it needed a backing of contruction paper not to curl).

The great thing is we can adjust where in the frame the clip is. Anyway...I'm thrilled with it!! I love those pretty frames to put your kids artwork in, but my kids are constantly doing things I/they would love to display, so this works much better for me! Plus they get to be a part of it...even better in our house!! I just grabbed some things real quick to put up (some are a couple of years old and looking a bit sad..they didn't have a nice place to hang and are loving not being mushed in a box they tell me!!

It's an art show every day around here now and we love it!! It's so simple and!

If I could choose whatever frames I wanted I would choose some funky ones and use different widths and looks, but this is what I have for now, and for now I'm just so thankful to have a wall that's all about my kids and let's them know what they do is important/awesome/beautiful enough to be on display!!


Elizabeth S said...

What a great idea!! I love it.

Sheri Ellis said...

I love it. I can't wait for Austin to make me pictures so I can proudly display them.

andysbethy said...

I love your art display. I saw something like this in a magazine once, and said, "I should try this", and have never done it. I am glad to see it in the "real world"!
For now, my metal back door stays covered... but something is going to have to change soon!