Saturday, November 1, 2008

So difficult to believe my oldest tuned NINE this week!
Her crown awaited her covered in words and pictures that represented her to us words like "smart" "Sweet" "girl scout" "art" "crafts" "the perfect gift" "cooking" "joy" "happy" "costumes" etc etc!

as is tradition she awoke to a door decorated to immerge through as a NINE year old!!

a b'fast made with her in mind: heart shaped french toast and scrambled eggs...dry and crumbly just the way SHE likes them (and her Daddy but NOT her Mommy)

My nine year old...ready to enjoy her b'fast
and then just after b'fast, she lost her 2nd top tooth. She could not have been more excited - to lose it on her b'day she thought was WAY cool and proceeded to show and tell everyone she came in contact with all day long!

Later that afternoon we headed with a couple friends for a last minute planned outing to paint ceramics at a little place MK and I found on a romp around town a couple days previous.

the b'day girl chose one of the most inexpensive things in the entire shop to paint...tiny and cute is what she goes for! And she worked on it for over 2 hours....

yummy homemade ghost brownies were on the menu (along with some fruit and string cheese...and jelly bellies by special request of the b'day girl)

We all had a delightful time - even Daddy!!

(have I mentioned I have the most handsome amazing husband ever?)

Daddy and John Mark left early from ceramics and we met back up at John Mark's baseball game that night...MK got to open a present there too from Aunt Laura Beth and Uncle Brian. Stamps, paper and stuff to make handmade cards...arts and crafts...right up her alley she was thrilled!

After the baseball game we headed home for some more presents.
This is just what she wanted!
It's tradition that Daddy each year gets her an American Girl doll. She loves looking through the catalogue and choosing which one she likes best that year. This year she knew JUST what she wanted and barely looked at the dolls in the catalogue, as she had already apparently had it in her mind what she wanted.
But no matter, each year she is delightfully surprised to see her Daddy really got it and she is s so excited!
She insists this one is a boy and it's name is "Kimothy" (I'm struggling with remembering that since it came in an outfit with pink bows that has been lovingly given to another baby) For anyone who doesn't know us or hasn't known us long. Kimothy is the name of the first baby we fostered. he was a true treasure and will remain in our hearts forever - he was the happiest baby that ever was and made everyone in his presence that way. So this little one has a very special name (although his nickname and what he is apparently going by is "Willie" no idea on that one...) and is already true to his namesake and making her super happy!
She had so loved this little American Girl dog. I don't remember who's dog it is supposed to be...I know I know...I should know these things

So happy!! In their matching PJ's (no pink bows so she thought Kimothy would be okay in them) She never expected them and was so excited!
Mommy and the b'day girl
My daughter is amazing. And since this is my own journal on the web I'm going to be a bragging Mommy for a bit. She is kind, and good, smart and artistic. From the moment we found out we were pregnant she was a treasure. The miracle of her is a story for another day, but she is truly a gift from God and each and every day of her life we are reminded of that. She isn't shy, but is not showy. She HATES to be called attention to. HATES to wear nail polish or have her hair fixed in a 'different way' as she is fearful with such things people may 'notice' her & comment on it. She LOVES her friends and thinks everyone she meets is her friend.
She is generous and open-hearted. She is a peacemaker and dramatic. She is beautiful and gentle. She loves her family deeply and adores her little brother. she is passionate about reading and wants to learn constantly, she doesn't care much for TV and rarely asks to watch it. She loves to cook and sometimes loves to clean. She is disorganized and flighty. She is detail oriented and has the most beautiful handwriting and can outdraw her father and I. She is beginning to not want to wear her signature hairbows (Mommy is trying to wean herself). She is shorter than her younger brother and fine with it. She thinks she can never have enough stuffed animals, art supplies, sewing supplies, or tiny little 'things'. She depises change, but loves adventure. She is a rule follower and wants to please. She takes things very literally and takes every word to heart. She loves God, and cries if there is ever a reason she must miss worship no matter if it's Sunday morning, Sunday night or Wednesday night. She loves Honduras and her friends there (and doesn't care they don't speak the same language). She LOVES Halloween and begins planning her costumes on Nov 1. She is NINE and we are so proud that God gifted her to us, we treasure her and look forward to watching her grow even more. We thank God for this beautiful blessing He brought into our lives nine years ago every day and we pray that He will make us the kind of parents worthy of such a gift and that He will help us to guide her in the ways He would have her to go.
She makes me so happy!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Awe, sounds like you really have a lot of fun traditions for birthday's in your family!

Sheri Ellis said...

What a sweet post. Happy Birthday MK!

maggie said...

rachel, this was almost made me cry. you are such a great mom! and i can't believe she's 9 either...

Patty said...

You are blessed with your children, and your children are blessed to have you and Thad for parents. MK looks so big. I can't wait until we can meet her.

Patty and Juan