Thursday, November 20, 2008


Today I laughed (pretty hard)

I just had to call my hubby because I knew he would appreciate the humor

Today a lady chased me down in the Publix parking lot.... ask me coupon tips!

after being somewhere behind me in line

...watching the clerk panic she was going to have to give me money back

she didn't- Aw Shucks!,

I laughed me!

and my addiction to couponing was fueled thanks go an old friend sharing with me a new site and a lady looking for lessons in saving ME...ha ha ha haha!

my weekly tally of savings: $131.48


I am learning slowly but surely


andysbethy said...

Emilee told me you have become a coupon fanatic! I am so excited. Maybe between the two of us, we will rub off on her?! I will have to watch your blog more regularly for more ideas!

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

oh man - I'm so insanely addicted it's truly pathetic...I'm about to go get my Sunday paper right now at the corner so I can get the deals early - perhaps will be shopping tomorrow afternoon...yep totally pathetic!! I'm hoping for great deals to stock up on with it being T'giving week. Emilee tells me you've been doing it a while so be sure to share any tips you think I'm missing because I am so new and so willing to learn!!