Thursday, January 10, 2008

OHHHH the mental stress......

do you know that feeling?? The, is he/sher REALLY sick?? Will I force him to go to school and him feel bad all day and me feel so guilty when the nurse calls me or when tomorrow he is diagnosed with mono or something....or will I keep him home and start bouncing off the walls two hours later and there not truly be one single thing wrong with him?? If I take the risk and keep him home then he'll have an unexcused absence and he can only have so many of those and what if I need them another time when he is truly sick..???? What to do, what to do???!! arrghhh...I always hated that mental battle.

This morning my son woke up and he was feeling puny. The fact that we were supposed to go to the library today (and yes he was wanting to go very badly) didn't budge him nor if he was really sick he wouldn't be able to go to Spanish class or go to his friends and play...all of his favorites!
But he didn't move, he just laid in the floor. I caught myself and realized I didn't need to push him, we've all been fighting nasty colds and felt under the weather a bit. So I asked him if he wanted to just go back to bed and he did. He slept another couple hours and came downstairs to the classroom and asked where his work was and got right to work . He just needed some more rest. TODAY I was able to grant him that!! And TODAY he WANTED to learn...HE made the CHOICE to 'come to school' to sit in our 'classroom' and do his work....he did every bit of his full days work today....all that was planned for him...all of it, without prompting, without nagging!! TODAY I LOOOOVEEEDDD this lifestyle!!!!

Pray for Rain (to protect my conscience)

If you don't know, Georgia is in a seious drought right now. In our county our water source is almost completely dry (that's a picture of it at left) and we have had fines put in place if we do not lower water bill 10% below our winter average from last year (Dec -MArch) by 10%...we have been doing all we know to to conserve water in our home and have taught our children easy water saving tricks. Today my 2 year old(who recently discovered the joy of know a great potty training plus!!) found it the most entertaining thing at one point to pull off the tiniest pieces of toilet paper and flush them ...don't tell any of my neighbors, but I let her.....I was in the middle of a lesson after all and she was HAPPY and didn't need my undivided attention!!! it rained last night...let's hope the lake got a little bit of a puddle. Pray it rains again this week so I don't feel really really guilty!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

in the trenches

well, the curriculum arrived this afternoon....Daddy and the kids commented that it was like Christmas!! Ha ha! it was exciting for them a bit for me too, but also pretty overwhelming. So here I sit at 11:30pm writing out tomorrow's lesson plans. I've been sitting here since 8pm reading over everything and creating lesson plans. Is this normal??!!

Who knew I would actually be like...a...well....a TEACHER??!!! Who knew that I needed to be organized, create lesson plans, re-teach myself some stuff...etc etc...ha ha ha!! This is a full time job - well plus some when creating for two kiddos!! my oh my....
where do I fit time for hubby in this??!! Must create balance, must relax...must create balance. must RELAX!!!!!

I have to keep attendance and turn into the state attendance records, etc...I have to do 4 1/2 hours day for 180 days a I do have to do something....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my curriculum so far though. I think it has enough to really keep my kids intrigued...just might wear me out if I do it JUST as it's I'm going to keep that in mind and see what things I can make my own and use or not use, etc!!

We'll see.....MUST RELAX....MUST CREATE BALANCE....!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

First Day of School

Well....we're into it! We've had our Bible lesson which went over really well. I will have to scan our pictures so you can see how they turned out. We talked alot about Paul and then my 6 year old son after we were done asked if he could read more about Paul...he wanted to know it we pulled up some info and talked about where he was born, how he became a Christian, About Greek and Hebrew names, how Paul had to run from people who were like he had been, etc. It was great!

We also worked on some phonics and the kids are writing thank you notes for Christmas now...well my daughter is. My son is over it for now...We're about to play a game and take a break, and then we'll do "PE" after the baby wakes up and take a bike ride or something....

the first day of school is off to a good start....they even got their beds made and rooms picked up just after b'fast so we started the day off with a straightened up house instead of a wreck from them running out the door to school!! That's just sad, but so true!! The PJ's weren't dumped by the bathroom...the papers weren't dumped in the entry....the beds weren't a mess...the b'fast dishes were picked up and put in the dishwasher and my son even helped me unload and load the dishwasher and loved that I asked him too...he bounced right over to do it...I always did that while they were at school so they almost never ever did...Yep...liking this...

Sunday, January 6, 2008


I'm so excited...almost giddy really...I FEEL FREEEE!!! Is that nuts??

Tomorrow the public schools around us are back in session....I don't have to worry with laying out outfits...worry that my daughter's hair is perfect...worry that I've sent enough supplies to not feel guilty...worry about...well anything...except of course that my children actually LEARN SOMETHING!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Life Lessons

If you are reading this blog, pray for our precious angel baby! She is so attached to us and doesn't know her grandparents yet. We all need a slower transition to prepare our hearts and minds for her leaving.

Foster parenting is a bizarre thing really...that goes against my very nature...meaning I want to cradle her and make her mine not let her go and smile and be friendly to everyone around...

In regard to homeschooling...the lessons my two children have learned by being involved in foster care are priceless. They are aware of a bigger world around them where people make poor decisions and face serious consequences for it....and that others are affected whether they had a choice in the matter or not! They realize that we can share ourselves, our blessings and our hearts with many. They realize they are beyond blessed. And they have little to no thought toward color of skin and love for others.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tomorrow will be IT I think!

Teachers and faculty go back to school tomorrow. We've already told our kids teachers they won't be coming back, but I've not done the 'official' withdrawal. Tomorrow will be that day I do believe. It will shock some....I hate feeling as if I have to explain myself to others. I know I know...I really don't...but it's just that feeling I hate and I always feel like I have to in any situation. Hubby is always assuring me I don't have to explain anything...I'm just weird that way I guess.
I've been involved in PTA and other school stuff so seriously it will come as a shock to some. That's okay though, I'm prepared for it and honestly I don't 'care' all that much...that sounds more harsh than I wish for it too. I do care what others think, but we feel strongly that this is what is best for our family and I feel so right about it that other's reactions almost make me that bad?? probably so, but it's true.
I am however trying to be cautious what I say because I do not want to offend or put them down for their choice for their family, I'm not a homeschooler that thinks it's the only way. Any time it comes up I feel as if I'm walking on eggshells and trying to think before I speak (something I should do all the time I know) so as not to say something that might be perceived as who knows perhaps we'll stink at it and I'll want to put them right back in.
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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Getting to know us

Well, I figure since I'm blogging I should intoduce ourselves (although who knows if anyone will ever truly read this or care..ha ha).
My husband and I met at a small Christian College in West Tennessee ( We were good friends til his senior year. Then we dated 3 weeks before getting engaged. Crazy, huh? But I was blessed to have parents who literally prayed every day of my life that I would find and marry a wonderful Christian man...and as my Mom said when I became engaged to a stranger to her "I won't argue with the way God does it"...I was so blessed to have praying parents, because I have a wonderful life with an incredible man I love and adore!!!

We have two children legally....four in our hearts...
we are foster parents you see., which makes life interesting!! The picture on the top left is the first little angel we were blessed to have in our home. He came weighing right at 4lbs and left at 13 months old. Also included are some of our other angels and one group shop of our current family!

Our oldest is an 8 year old daughter who loves to draw, read, & write. She is a delight to parent and amazes us daily. She is our social butterfly who makes friends within seconds. Even her first time in Honduras she had playdates and slumber parties with friends she couldn't speak the same language of...didn't stop her and she found other ways to communicate!

Then there is our 6 yr old son. he likes to run, play, read (well sometimes), ride his bike, and do math!! yes, he loves math! He doesn't get that from his Mommy for sure!!! he adores his family and is happiest when we are all together at home! He ensures we are hugged just about hourly!!

Then there is our 3 yr old. He left when he was 13 months old. We had him from when he came home from the NICU at 2 1/2 weeks weighing 4 lbs. Funny. my heart still tells me he's mine, but he was placed for adoption with a couple who had also adopted two of his half siblings and we've not seen him since.

Our youngest just turned 2 last week. She is SOOO full of energy..comprehends more than I remember any of the others at this point in life. She loves to charm EVERYONE she meets!!
We've had her since she came home from the hospital at 3 days old. They plan to take her soon to live with her bio grandparents...we've fought, but can't seem to stop it. She is a huge part of our family and we love and adore her, and just try to cherish each and every day we are blessed to have her with us!!

We are a family who loves God and strives to keep Him at the center of our home.

My husband owns a training consulting company. We started the business last year so he could spend less time commuting and more time with the kids and also more time in Honduras. We always joke that someone is going to pinch us and we are going to wake up from this dream, but it's just wonderful having him home every day!

So that's us in a nutshell....plain ol folks...nothing exciting at all really...just working at getting through this life one day at a time so we can enjoy the next!!