Tuesday, January 8, 2008

in the trenches

well, the curriculum arrived this afternoon....Daddy and the kids commented that it was like Christmas!! Ha ha! it was exciting for them a bit for me too, but also pretty overwhelming. So here I sit at 11:30pm writing out tomorrow's lesson plans. I've been sitting here since 8pm reading over everything and creating lesson plans. Is this normal??!!

Who knew I would actually be like...a...well....a TEACHER??!!! Who knew that I needed to be organized, create lesson plans, re-teach myself some stuff...etc etc...ha ha ha!! This is a full time job - well plus some when creating for two kiddos!! my oh my....
where do I fit time for hubby in this??!! Must create balance, must relax...must create balance. must RELAX!!!!!

I have to keep attendance and turn into the state attendance records, etc...I have to do 4 1/2 hours day for 180 days a year....so I do have to do something....I LOVE LOVE LOVE my curriculum so far though. I think it has enough to really keep my kids intrigued...just might wear me out if I do it JUST as it's written...so I'm going to keep that in mind and see what things I can make my own and use or not use, etc!!

We'll see.....MUST RELAX....MUST CREATE BALANCE....!!!

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