Thursday, January 10, 2008

OHHHH the mental stress......

do you know that feeling?? The, is he/sher REALLY sick?? Will I force him to go to school and him feel bad all day and me feel so guilty when the nurse calls me or when tomorrow he is diagnosed with mono or something....or will I keep him home and start bouncing off the walls two hours later and there not truly be one single thing wrong with him?? If I take the risk and keep him home then he'll have an unexcused absence and he can only have so many of those and what if I need them another time when he is truly sick..???? What to do, what to do???!! arrghhh...I always hated that mental battle.

This morning my son woke up and he was feeling puny. The fact that we were supposed to go to the library today (and yes he was wanting to go very badly) didn't budge him nor if he was really sick he wouldn't be able to go to Spanish class or go to his friends and play...all of his favorites!
But he didn't move, he just laid in the floor. I caught myself and realized I didn't need to push him, we've all been fighting nasty colds and felt under the weather a bit. So I asked him if he wanted to just go back to bed and he did. He slept another couple hours and came downstairs to the classroom and asked where his work was and got right to work . He just needed some more rest. TODAY I was able to grant him that!! And TODAY he WANTED to learn...HE made the CHOICE to 'come to school' to sit in our 'classroom' and do his work....he did every bit of his full days work today....all that was planned for him...all of it, without prompting, without nagging!! TODAY I LOOOOVEEEDDD this lifestyle!!!!

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