Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pray for Rain (to protect my conscience)

If you don't know, Georgia is in a seious drought right now. In our county our water source is almost completely dry (that's a picture of it at left) and we have had fines put in place if we do not lower water bill 10% below our winter average from last year (Dec -MArch) by 10%...we have been doing all we know to to conserve water in our home and have taught our children easy water saving tricks. Today my 2 year old(who recently discovered the joy of know a great potty training plus!!) found it the most entertaining thing at one point to pull off the tiniest pieces of toilet paper and flush them ...don't tell any of my neighbors, but I let her.....I was in the middle of a lesson after all and she was HAPPY and didn't need my undivided attention!!! it rained last night...let's hope the lake got a little bit of a puddle. Pray it rains again this week so I don't feel really really guilty!!

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