Friday, January 4, 2008

Life Lessons

If you are reading this blog, pray for our precious angel baby! She is so attached to us and doesn't know her grandparents yet. We all need a slower transition to prepare our hearts and minds for her leaving.

Foster parenting is a bizarre thing really...that goes against my very nature...meaning I want to cradle her and make her mine not let her go and smile and be friendly to everyone around...

In regard to homeschooling...the lessons my two children have learned by being involved in foster care are priceless. They are aware of a bigger world around them where people make poor decisions and face serious consequences for it....and that others are affected whether they had a choice in the matter or not! They realize that we can share ourselves, our blessings and our hearts with many. They realize they are beyond blessed. And they have little to no thought toward color of skin and love for others.

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