Saturday, February 2, 2008

REVAMP and Our family passion

Okay...well I've been inspired. A friend from high school sent me an invitation to her blog and through it I saw blogs of others I had known in school. I loved looking at them...who knew the life of a Mommy would be so fun to read about??

So...I'm revamping this blog...
YES I'm still a homeschooling Mom! But there are lots more things in our life. For instance the entire reason we began discussing the idea of homeschooling was because we plan to move to Honduras for a few months at least and plan to do it there and needed to know that we even COULD!!!

Trujillo Christian School is a family passion! We all LOVE it there. We love working there. The kids worked hard the past few days making Valentine's for all the kids at the school to send with their Daddy when he went on Thurs. They made 160 Valentines and my friend at church that also homeschools they did the other 160. All of the kids did a super job with the Valentine's. I hope their Daddy remembers to take a picture with a child with one...the kids will LOVE THAT!!!

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