Wednesday, February 20, 2008

"Stretcher Bearers" - who are yours??

My precious sister in law sent me a book that I rec'd today. The title is "When I Lay My Isaac Down" My sister in law lives with her husband in China. She loves our Aaliyah so very much and would take her as her own if she could. She is keenly aware of the pain we are enduring right now. So she offered what she could from across the oceans. I'm about halfway through now and hopefully will finish by tomorrow. One thing the author of the book talks about that has struck me is who are your "Stetcher Bearers?" Referring to the scriptures where friends of a lame man lift up his stretcher and carry him to Jesus. They lower him through the roof of a house to ensure that he gets to come before the Savior for help and healing.

In all honesty, I have a difficult time letting others in on our suffering & admitting to the pain that is being experienced in this house at present with the fear of our precious daughter being taken from us next week. On Sunday a friend apologized to me a few minutes after passing me in the hall and asking "how are you doing?" I hadn't really thought anything of it, but I appreciated so much her acknowledging that she was truly aware of what a pointless question that is right now. I have an old friend I've spoken to more often recently out of circumstance and each time we speak he asks "how's today?" or "how did you all make it through today?" etc It's hard to give a completely honest answer because I can't stand sounding as if I'm a downer all the time, I know though that he truly cares and wants to know. Each and every day someone says "I am praying for you" We appreciate these things so much.

This analogy of stretcher bearers just for some reason gave me the visual that I needed, I love it. That in my pain I am being lifted up and carried by my friends and family to the feet of the Savior.

So do you know who your stretcher bearers are? I pray you are blessed to have more than are needed for the poles of your stetcher like me!!
And then are you a stretcher bearer for others? I think I will look for more ways that I can be, I pray that I will make opportunities and be creative in my efforts to help others just as the friends of the lame man were!!


Courtney said...

Keeping you in my prayers...

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you had a blog... duh! It sounds pointless to say it now, but I do think of you often. You just always seem to have it together and seem to have so many very close friends that I feel that I would be pointless... just one more person to put a happy face on for. I don't ever need the happy face. I have read "when I lay my Isaac down". I felt like it was written for me when I read it which was not too long after Isaac was born. I even emailed with the author some afterwards. I tried to get mom to read it and she never could maker herself do it. Too hard. Anyway... hope today is good. love... Chaney

Rachel said...

Hi Chaney!!!
Oh how I'm loving this book. I'm not done with it as I'd hoped to with 3 kids, I should know better! But just FYI...there is ALWAYS room for more friends, everyone needs as much support as they can get to walk through this life faithfully I believe. I'm glad you guys have moved here and look forward to more fun times together!!!

Rachel said...

Thanks by the way Courtney! I am reminding myself constantly lately that PRAYER DOES WORK!!! So the more prayers the better for SURE! Thanks so much.