Sunday, February 3, 2008

Aging - not so - Gracefully

So last night the kids and I played in the culdesac for a little bit after dinner. One of their friends came out to join them while her Mommy finished dinner and the plan was to ride bikes around and such. Well somehow a fun game of freeze tag started instead and Mommy got just as into it as the kiddos. We had a blast laughing and being completely silly.
However today, I'm on my back in total pain. My neck won't move. I guess it's what you called a pinched nerve or a crick in the neck...I don't know...?? All I know is I call it PAIN!
But pretty sure sitting on the front row in the Hannah Montana 3D movie, Chuckee Cheese afterward (those first two were for a neighbor's b'day party) then Freeze tag and keep away did me in!!
Nope, not aging gracefully here...just pitiful! At present I'm on the couch with a heating pad and a frozen bag of corn...alternating them but nothing is working at all!

We are SO ready for Daddy to be home tomorrow night from Trujillo! Of course we are supposed to pick him up at the airport, and MaryKyle has art class tomorrow afternoon that Daddy usually takes her to - and little old lady here can't move. My neck is stuck leaning to the right....yep...I look so cool!

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Elizabeth S said...

Hi Rachel! Staci has been telling me about you. Who's your friend that you found my blog through? I have two blogs now, actually. One, ( is just for my homeschool stuff and the other ( is everything else. Nice to meet you! We'll have to share ideas since our kids are the same age. Talk to you soon. Hope you feel better!