Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Oh the fun!!

We love to make Valentine's in this house. We've done sand shovels that say "I dig you" and the little candy airplanes, we've made butterflies out of old fashioned stick candy, just all sorts of silly things. I don't think we've ever purchased them, we just really have a lot of fun making them and have kind of made it tradition.

This year we, with the other homeschooling family we know, made the 320 Valentines for the Trujillo Christian School students that I mentioned before. And honestly I then forgot that we needed any more....I mean after 320 you kind of then block it from your mind. Until this afternoon and it hit me Uh oh....Family Fun to the rescue as always!! We will still need to make some more for tomorrow for them to take to Spanish class with them. But we did get enough pulled together for Bible class tonight!!! Whew.....close one Mom!!!
I so hate that feeling when I think I've almost let me kids down. Now that they aren't in school, Bible class and such are where they experience those types of fun things. Yep...that was a close one. They would have been DEVASTATED!!!
well blogger isn't letting my put pictures in order today for some here they are are backwards....this is the kids ready to walk out the door to worship. The second one is blurry but it shows the beehive MaryKyle made to carry the completed V'tines in!! After all bees must have a hive!!

BEE Mine!!!!

our swarm of bees!! The kids had a ball making them. Too bad Mommy couldn't take any pictures as she was having to make just as many so we got them done in time!!


Emily said...

Family Fun is one of my favorite magazines (and websites - hooray for technology) of all time! The bees are extremely cool - what's your grand total of Valentines for this year? The 320 alone must be some kind of world's record.

Courtney said...

Cute! My mom got me a subscription to Family Fun - great, cute ideas for sure!

Patty said...

Your children are getting so big, and they are beautiful. What an education you are giving them. Worlds above what they would get in a "real" ;>*)school. God bless you, and I will continue sending up those old Catholic prayers for you and yours.