Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Its all about Family"

A friend recently gave me this wall hanging as she knew I was looking for Family wall hangings for my Family Room.
Our Family makes the roller coaster with our beautiful angel baby so much more bearable!! Our family is our backbone. They have been such a blessing during this past two years with our baby. You become more aware how your family is affected by your decisions when you are foster parents. So often when anyone discovers we are foster parents we hear the comment "I could never be a foster parent, it would hurt too bad when they left" Well, we made the decision to go through this pain for the sake of these children - Our families didn't get a choice in the matter. They were forced on this roller coaster ride with no options. In addition to hurting with us they are also our rock and are there for us as we go through the lows. I sometimes feel so terribly guilty dragging them into this. And I could never thank them enough for their love and support both for us and these children we are blessed by! Here's pictures of just a few p Qeople that we are blessed to be able to call our family. Some (like Aunt Buffy) are on Daddy's computer and not mine so we'll have to add some more later. Shouldn't be a problem since they are coming to visit next week!! We can't wait, they will make a big trip just to be with us. Our family is scattered all over the world, but no matter how far away from them that we are, we are always confident in their love and support! FYI the second picture was celebrating my G'mother's 100thb'day.

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