Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Total Spent $75.23 Total SAVINGS: 94.29!!!

A goal I set going onto couponing was for my total savings to exceed my total spent!! You should have seen the JIG I started to dance as the clerk at Publix added up my savings and my total started

shrinking and

shrinking and


(DISCLAIMER: keep in mind this is only my second week really using coupons..so if you are a die hard bargain shopper and you are looking at my savings saying "oh that's nothing" pass along ANY and all tips...I'm so totally new to this, but so totally addicted too!")

Oh yeah so so exciting!! Who needs coffee when you are on a savings high?!!

So here's what I bought today at PUBLIX

4 boxes of Kraft whole grain Mac and Cheese (on sale)
4 Cans Del Monte veggies (BOGO plus Mf Q)
2 large cartons all natural no preservative Swanson Chicken broth (BOGO)
2 boxes Ronzoni Lasagna pasta (BOGO)
2 boxes Betty Crocker muffin mix (BOGO)
6 boxes Uncle Bens Long Grain and Wild Rice (BOGO and 1 MF Q and 2 printable Q)
1 box light brown sugar (on sale .69 per and a mf Q)
1 box 10X sugar (on sale .69 per and a mf Q)
32 oz jar Hellman's lite Mayo (BOGO plus Q)
2 boxes sugar free Swiss Mis Hot Cocoa (BOGO plus Mf Q)
2 boxes reduced fat wheat thins (BOGO plus printable Q)
2 boxes reduced fat triscuits (BOGO plus printable Q)
2 bags Chex Mix (BOGO plus 2 printable coupon....33 a piece)
1 box Land o lakes butter (BOGO plus mf Q)
2 dozen organic eggs (full price)
2 pkgs Sargento cheese (2/ $5 plus Mf Q)
2 16 oz Breakstone Sour Cream (.99 - check the expiration date...I got a low fat and a fat free on expires n Dec the other Jan)
2 Rolls Jimmy Dean reduced Sodium Sausage (BOGO)
2 pkgs Oscar Meyer low sodium bacon (BOGO)
2 Lysol toilet bowl cleaners (BOGO and 2 printable Q)
1 Hunt's Spaghetti Sauce (full price...needed and no other deals were as low as original price of Hunts)
1 bottle hand soap (on sale...needed, but no Q..ugh!)
2 bottles Glass Plus cleaner (BOGO and a printable online Q)
1 package Dixie heavy duty paper plates (BOGO plus MF Q)
1 package Dixie heavy duty paper bowls (BOGO plus Mf Q....I just used the bogo to get 1 plate and 1 bowl)
1 bottle DOVE shampoo (2 for $7 plus MF Q)
1 package 2000 flushes ($1 off coupon)
2 cans DelMonte less salt veggies (BOGO plus Mf. Q )
2 Betty Crocker mashed Sweet potatoes (BOGO plus Mf Q)
10 Martha White corn muffin mixes (all 10 totally freeuse the $5 off coupon in the T'giving Saver their regular price is only 2 for .99)
8 lbs oranges (bogo of 4lb bag...I got 1 bag of large and 1 bag of small)
2 cans Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce (2 $1 off Q)
1 carton V-8 Southwest Corn soup (1 off mf Q)
3 cans Cream Chicken soup....(4/$3 plus mf Q)
3.23 lbs Sweet potatoes (.43 a pound...more than .10 cheaper than Kroger's sale price IF you have a family savings book then you get them for free BUT i just got signed up for one so I didn't)
1 pkg Good Bites doggie treats (totaly free with a MF Q for a free pkg)
and a couple more things I forgot to keep track off....

But there you have it...my grocery list that cost me $75.23!!

I forgot to take my penny Q for my bleach bottle for a penny...URK! So I will go back plus I found 2 more Q Muir Glen Organic Tom. Q's so I will take those and get that too!

IF YOU GOT OTHER GREAT deals at Publix or other places please leave a comment so me and my friends can take advantage of all the deals there are floating out there! Thanks!!

PS...I've had a few people tell me they put me down as a 'referral' on the grocery game when they joined....THANK YOU...i didn't even know about that...way cool!! IF anyone else does this please use THIS email for me so I get the referral credit and it doesn't just float around in la la land!! I'll get 12 weeks free for every 3 referrals apparently....so so cool!! I love to save money...

so use: thadandrachelb (at) msn (dot) com

thanks friends!!


Emily said...

Incredible! I tried the grocery game a while back but stopped after a month. There are too few things that I actually buy that ever go on sale. The two things I miss most about living in Atlanta are Pubix and that Greek restaurant.

PS Is the whole grain mac and cheese good?

Pablo y Raquel said...

Hey emily! I have no idea about the mac and cheese...I've not bought Mac and cheese in ages, but my kids love the boxed variety so it was a special treat for them for those homeschooling days we have little to no time but want a hot lunch. It's something they can cook themselves easily (with an adult around of course) I'll let you know their reaction! I went back and forth on that and the Betty Crocker mashed sweet potatoes...I'm a big fan of sweet potatoes, but never had them from a box...ha ha!! I was so surprised by them I had to get them to see how they taste.

Sheri Ellis said...

I thought I did pretty good last night when I saved $45 off $184. I didn't buy anything I otherwise wouldn't have. Well, maybe a couple of extra bottles of soda. But I had a coupon for $1 off 3, and it was 4 for $5, and buy 4 get one free. So I paid $0.80 per bottle. Not too bad. Also, now that I know which of your email addresses to use, I can sign up for the grocery game.

Laura C said...

Y'all are all doing great! The Grocery Game is a good way to get started on the coupon game - after awhile, though, you'll find you can do it all yourselves....I signed up for two trial periods (used a different email addy for the 2nd trial) for $1 each. After two months though I knew I didn't need it anymore. Especially for Publix deals, try fiddledeedeeblog.blogspot.com and southernsavers.com - these ladies ROCK! Your savings are going to get bigger and bigger as your stockpile grows and you need less and less.