Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween fun!

AAHHHH.....blogger has turned into html gobbledy goop and I can't see my pictures or anything other than the html and it's not giving me another option...UGH!! So here are picturs I hope of our halloween celebrations. Some are in the neighborhood, a couple (before my camera told me the memory stick was full...ugh) are of our church's trick or trunk and my sweet wonderful hubby leading the devo and singing part.
If you can't tell MaryKyle is a fairy sitting on a toadstool and John Mark is a cowboy...then mommy and Daddy had a little bit of fun the day of too.
The day started with us eating 'witch hats' for b'fast (didn't take pictures...YUM! they were crescent rolls with the long end rolled up just a bit and the point curled to look a bit whimsical and then I put some cinnamon and sugar on them.

(image taken from

For dinner we had 'mummies, frog eggs, and witches brew' (aka hotdogs wrapped in pizza dough and baked, white corn, and fruit smoothies)

One of our neighbors rode around the neighborhood on her bike as the wicked witch from the wizard of oz and handed out candy apples. She looked JUST like the witch...seriously it was AWESOME!! She and her hubby are so into holidays and do such fun kids just love it. With their lack of teeth the candy apples are a bit of a challenge, but that wasn't stopping them...they tackled them! YUM!!


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

I had fun visiting with you while the trick-or-treaters were coming by, thanks for letting me hang out with you!!

King Family said...

Great halloween costumes. Looks like you had fun. Happy Birthday to Mary Kyle too.