Sunday, January 11, 2009

All because of Winn Dixie

Today coming home from church as we pulled in our neighborhood we noticed one of our neighbors pulled over with her emergency flashers on. So we quickly called her cell to ask if everything we okay. Afterall it was freezing, even at the top of neighborhood, it would be a cold walk home from the entrance.

She said she was fine. Just keeping an eye on a stray dog that had been in the middle of the road a few min before with traffic stopped all around we SHOULD have just said "oh, okay...good luck then" but NOOOOOOO and it was all
just a little trespassing, blanket getting, leashes, borrowed collars from newly introduced to neighbors, chicken fingers, cheese (thanks Heidi for sharing your freshly purchased groceries) & dog treats later (from newly introduced neighbor Greg who's porch Heidi and hubby stayed on forever) working to try to lure little doggie from running when you got within 15ft of her, snapping at them and biting them to allowing them to get a collar and leash on...while I ran back and forth home for blanket, leash, etc and kept the kids in the car as not to scare the doggie more. Notice I STAYED IN THE CAR...I was NOT involved in the actual rescue, I was not the one to walk the dog on the leash home to our house (The stench was way too much to put in either of our cars...really poor doggie was PITIFUL smelly!). Now I did bathe the dog and cut out matted fur so she could see again and such, but....I did not work patiently for I would guess 45 min to gain the doggies trust, etc...hee hee...nope not I!
after all the work was done by HUBBY AND HEIDI...let me introduce you to:
Oreo (MK)

or is she Cookie Crumb? (JM) or just plain "cookie" or "she who shall remain nameless" (Mommy)or is she just plain "not staying" (Daddy)....the future is yet unknown...

But, can he resist the tears of a 9 yr old little girl (who is presently crying herself to sleep and yanking her Daddy's heart girl don't you think? wink wink) and the pleadings of a 7yr old little boy? They can be pretty stinkin' convincing if I do say so myself!! And the fact that little "whatever" has so far appeared to be potty trained, loves to be curled up against us in thanks and our big old Sydney seems to like...not just tolerate...having her around...hmmm....Going tomorrow to see if she is chipped and we might find another little girl yearning for the pup crying herself to sleep missing her somewhere. But for now...isn't she adorable?

Anyone missing a Lhasa Apso?

Update 1: okay so I know so many of you are going to think I'm a cruel heartless Mom, but I had to document what she is putting her poor Daddy through at present...she was sobbing and "oreo" jumped on her bed for snuggles and when she started again sobbing "she who shall remain nameless" nuzzled her and wiped away the Daddy is mumbling something about "I should never have gotten that stupid ~grumble grumble ~ Winn Dixie movie from Netflix this week to watch on Clearplay...~grumble~that dog needs to be in the garage..~grumble~.the dog is in the bed WITH her for goodness sakes! ~mumble mumble" And what am I doing?? laughing...out loud (as muffled as possible) And I apologized to my father for every single time I cried over a stray animal or to keep an animal, etc!!

perhaps her name should be "WINN DIXIE" yep...we're getting there!!!

Sure wish I'd taken before pictures, although I'm quite certain somehow the stench would have permeated the camera even and I will spare you that!! Let's just say she needs a few more baths and probably a full shave instead of just the mat clipping we've done as best we could to recover from whatever adventures this poor little one has experienced the last few cold wet days/nights!

Update 2: MK cried herself to sleep pretty much and never even got under her covers "she who shall remain nameless" came downstairs and nuzzled me a sec while I was laughing with my sister over this whole thing and then disappeared...and this is right back where I found her - and yes MK is truly sound asleep! Oh yes, and Daddy who had asked for me to be quick on his computer so he could do a bit of work tonight...well he went to bed with the bedroom door closed while listening to a book on is shuffle (I think to drown out the cries of his sweet little girl)

we're toast (THANKS Heidi...Rachel Mc...remember the last time Heidi rescued a dog??!ha ha haha!!) and Heidi you SO owe us! hee hee!!Love ya girl...

(Emilee take this as your warning...first there was this aren't may end up with a horse in your backyard)


EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Kev & I saw you park in the grass and run with a blanket or something over to the other side of the neighborhood as we went out to run an errand yesterday and so we pulled into the cul-d-sac across the street from our neighborhood to see if you needed anything, but it looked like there were already several people there and we would just be in the way. I was curious as to what had happened, so now the mystery is solved. Just so everyone knows-we don't have a fenced in yard-so we cannot take in strays, we tried that already once and he chewed up EVERYTHING so not again please!

Emily said...

We've been there. And will be again. How do you think we ended up with six cats? :D

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

hee hee...sorry I scared you! It was cold and I was trying to get over to Heidi and not leave my kids in the car alone all at the same time.
She is still here and SOOO cute! But I don't think she will be staying, she is totally potty trained and just a snuggle bug so if you know anyone interested let me know...I might have someone, but we'll see....