Wednesday, January 7, 2009


PLEASE PLEASE get involved and contact your reps...I've sent messages to everyone I know to. No matter what state you are in, this is HUGE! If you are a Mom like me that enjoys an awesome consignment sale or store. Or if you love to go to Craft shows and buy your children handmade products like myself or if you just love to go wonder around a great craft show soaking in all the craftiness around you...that is about to end. I've read about this over the past few weeks, but until a consignment boutique sale I go to twice a year sent this message I honestly thought "oh no way will that happen"'s happening and we Americans need to STOP IT!!! So HELP....anyone who has ever bought anything in on the link at the end and WRITE a letter to let them know how many Americans will be adversely affected or just plain won't like it!!!!!

Here's the note I got...I know it's long...JUST READ IT!!!!!!

....We wanted to let you know about a new law, CPSIA (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act) that goes into effect on February 10, 2009. The intent of this law is very good; it is intended to guard against elevated lead levels in children's toys. However, it appears that the law was very hastily conceived.

Essentially, this law renders any children's product, that has not been specifically tested for lead, a "Federally Hazardous Substance" and illegal to sell. The law is written to apply "retroactively," which means that after Feb. 10, 2009 the selling of any used children's product that has not been specifically tested for lead will be a crime. This affects our seasonal consignment events, consignment stores, thrift stores, ebay transactions, church yard sales, individual yard sales, even private individual transactions." It also affects all of you creative moms that have turned your handi-craft into a business by making bows, designing clothing, painting furniture, hand crafting toys and bibs.... none of these things can lawfully go to market without first absorbing the extreme expense of lead testing.
We are confident that this law, when further explored, will be amended. We are told that an exception clause is being considered for clothing. If it is not amended, all consignment sales will need to shut their doors on Feb 9th or be in violation of the law. We are very hopeful that this exception clause will happen quickly, maybe this week.
HOWEVER, if it appears that a solution is not forthcoming, we hope to move our sale up a few weeks in order to beat the Feb 10th implementation date. Wow! That means a sale very soon! Can we, can you, pull it off! We think we can! We'll try! Our decision will be made soon, we are trying to sort through all of this. Please be patient, we are as eager for answers as you are.
PLEASE GET READY TO SELL.....Our Sale could be VERY soon! If this law is not amended, this may be your last chance for a very long time to either SELL or SHOP at a consignment sale. If you have ever considered selling your children's clothing, now is the time. PRICE to SELL!! Shop for next year and the next. Fine Children's Clothing is about to become VERY EXPENSIVE!
In the meantime, PLEASE contact your congressional representatives and tell them to amend this law! The email link is below:
Here's the website:

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