Friday, January 30, 2009

still coupon crazy here!

okay sorry for the lack of posts...just been a crazy few weeks and didn't figure anyone really cared to hear about it...not even me...ha ha!!

So today I went to Publix. I didn't take a picture of my loot. I need to start taking the camera to the store so you can see how full the buggy is...for some reason that helps me feel better but when I post a picture of it all on here it looks like less to me.

So today my stats were: SPENT: $55.60 SAVED: $86.60

7 cans of Hunt's natural diced tomatoes
2 16 oz Breakstone Sour Cream
2 boxes velveeta (printable Q $1/1)
6 boxes quacker granola bars
2 boxes gallon sized ziplock bags
2 boxes quart sized ziplock bags
1 gallon organic milk
2 tubs Dean's light french onion dip
1 bag chex mix
6 boxes keebler crackers (printable Q $1/1)
4 boxes nabisco crackers
2 tubs Sabra hummus
4 Stacy's natural pita chips
1 folgers hazelnut decaf
1 box hefty cinch sack trash bags
2 bags lays chips

The only things I didn't have a coupon for were the milk (on sale) and the potato chips (BOGO)

again if you want to save check out and if you sign up please put me down as your referral I would greatly appreciate it as when 3 people sign up with my email address I get 12 weeks FREE...and we love FREE!! But even if you don't do that...sign up! It will save you tons of money - why on earth give it to the retailers when you don't have to?!

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