Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grocery Game

I get SO many questions about the grocery it worth it? how does it work? I already clip coupons each Sunday and use them for my grocery list will this help me save more? yeah but to you buy lots of stuff you wouldn't otherwise??
I just buy generics, can I do any better using coupons? etc etc etc....Well I just came across this video and thought I'd share it shows you how grocery game works:

I know that you think I'm a walking advertisement for this site and I am I guess -somebody tell them they can pay me to do that...I wouldn't mind a BIT!!!!
I never thought I could spend so little on groceries.

So here's the scoop:
pre grocery game I bought largely generics - I'm a truly cheap person, don't have huge requirements, am not super picky and was SURE I was saving more than I ever could with coupons...HA! I also shopped from a menu I made out for that week....oh yeah and when I looked at coupons I'd think "I never use any of that stuff" (oh you know you've thought the same)

our grocery budget was about $25o every 2 weeks...more if we were having company, I cooked a meal for someone else or I had a potluck or party, etc etc...
Now after Grocery game...I have more namebrand stuff in my pantry than I have EVER seen in one place...ha ha (since we homeschool I pass on the boxtops to local schools)! Still get to have a blast cooking (I LOVE to cook!!)
Presently I spend about $50-$60 a week....sometimes less sometimes a bit more (the more usually depends on produce and meat). But if it's more I'm able to balance it out the next week. This includes by the way all of our toiletries too, not just food. I also can go weeks without buying anything but milk because of my stockpile.'s the key to huge savings!!! Buy as much as you can of the sale items when they are rock bottom and you have a coupon...eventually you get to where your pantry is your grocery store and you make your menu based on what you have available...which is a LOT...I also buy the pieces for certain menu items...for instance we have a favorite tortellini soup week the italian sausage was on a great sale...bought it and put it in the freezer, another week the canned tomatoes I needed for it, another the tortellini, and so on until I had the ingredients for one of our favorites. It sounds like more work than it is, but it's SO worth it!
Feel free to ask me any questions. I get lots of emails and calls I'm pretty used to it plus I really really enjoy saving money and putting it toward something that really means something to my family, not giving all our money to retailers!

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