Saturday, February 14, 2009

one year ago today.... life was so very different than it is today. It's truly hard to believe for me how drastic it is.

(Aaliyah dancing/playing while we put together Valentines yes she put on the shoes and socks herself..hee hee hee!! Seriously how can you NOT smile at this child?)

I'm making out my list of things to do tomorrow to help make Valentines day a super fun day...since I have to live without my Mom's traditional red-heart shaped one sells jell-o molds any more...seriously what's up with that?! ha ha! Does anyone eat jell-o any more is the better question??? Was Jell-o a fad?
As often happens when my world is quiet, my mind wonders to my little girl just a bit (understatement for sanity's sake). In a very few short days it will have been one year since she's been gone. I dread that milestone I think more than any means a lot of time has passed and will continue to.
It just SOUNDS huge for goodness sake (even if it doesn't feel as if there is any way its been that long). So for now I'm going to remember HAPPILY that one year ago today my home was filled with the silly smiles of a gorgeous toddler whom I love so much my heart wants to sing! And if that is depressing to you I'm's not to me...not entirely I'm not letting it be right now! How could it be?? the wool socks and clown looking shoes...look at how can you be depressed...really?!!
(and if you still are, go down a couple posts and watch the "I love Jesus but.." video, that should help you smile...because there are days when we all need a little help finding the humor)