Saturday, February 14, 2009

On tonight's menu was homemade cheesy heart-shaped pizza
and chocolate fondue...with bananas, strawberries and marshmallows

And fortune cookies...
We got our v'tine's put together so the kids can take some to their friends at worship tomorrow.
there is a kiss inside and the fortune reads "We're so FORTUNATE to have a friend like you! Happy Valentine's Day MaryKyle and John Mark"
They were so excited that I got chineses take-out boxes for them to carry them in. I'm not sure my fingers will ever recover from the hot glue those things can be brutal. But they 'cookies' turned out okay. i would have used much thicker gauge wire. I got the idea from Martha....she called for floral wire. I think I'd just do a pipe cleaner next time.....oh how I love to make Valentine's!!

Oh and I should tell you what my amazing family did for me today. I ran a few errands, my last min coupon run since I've not gone to the grocery store all week. And I needed a few things for tonight's dinner. I walked in and you could SMELL clean! I mean they had scoured the main part of the house. The kids were exhausted tonight. They had to have been...I mean they had done what would have taken me hours to do. They worked from the moment I left til the second i pulled in the driveway and then came out to help me unload. i am so insanely blessed it is unreal for me some days! I mean...hardwoods scrubbed, stair spindles dusted and cleaned...all the jobs I hate to do...DONE!! and for me, there is no better gift than that!

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