Monday, February 16, 2009

a day in the life...

of John Mark. He has a few obsessions as of being his HAIR. I'm attempting (yet again) to grow it out some...and he's crazy about combing it and styling it in different funky styles. I mean he might as well have a comb stuck in his back pants pocket...oh wait...he usually does!

and then there's pictures he takes a million a day and was so thrilled when Daddy got an Iphone so that he could have the old cell phone "to take picture whenever he wants"
and lastly the swamp. he has worked hours out of every day this past week on his 'swamp' I mean hours! I think all of his jeans will have permanent dirt stains. It's a hole he dug with his hammer...that's right his hammer, in the back part of the yard where there is no grass.
(notice MaryKyle tied papertowels on her knees to keep them clean...ha ha!! She also had on tied on her bottom...wish I'd gotten a picture she looked hysterical this particular morning

look closely there's a gator creeping up to gobble the frog

Sage tree...he had a plastic palm, but I guess preferred the more realistic approach and now has a sprig of Sage from the herb garden.


Anonymous said...

Adam is also having a "I want to grow out my hair phase". I don't think I will show him JM's picture to give him any new ideas of spiking half our hair! Too funny! Adam is smitten with Keith Urban's hair......have you SEEN Keith Urban's hair? Great on him, but not so sure about my son. Daddy on the other hand LOVES long hair so we will see how much mommy can take! love you! Staci

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

Too fun Staci!
John Mark wears me out with the funky styles some days. picking up our neighbor's little one from her preschool the other day just walking in I probably pushed it down 10 times. he kept saying "but Mommy I like it sticking up" aacckk! I'm thinking buzz.....We miss you guys and hope to see you SOON!