Tuesday, February 24, 2009

role reversals

yesterday I had a Dr's appt downtown so the kids stayed at my parents house. Grandpapa is huge tree lover...and has done a few lessons lately when they were there on tree life. Yesterday was no different. As soon as I walked in the door to pick them up MaryKyle was giving me a lesson. Then last night after dinner John Mark wanted to do a lesson for us.
here he is with his drawing he did based on what he'd learned from Papa & the pointer he insisted he needed so Papa got a dowel he could sand into a pointer
(he did the drawing on his own a while after the lesson...just asked Papa for a board but Papa didn't know what the board was for until John Mark was done)

MK got up toward the end to join him. But they'd gotten fuzzy on a few things so they called Papa and he went through it all with them the difference between the Cambium, Xylum, and Phloem, & just the general awesomeness of God's creation and perfect design!  They were so interested in it and so excited to figure it all out.

after they finished teaching us, John Mark wanted to look it all up online. So they started surfing the web for more info. they would have sat there all night I think. they were so interested in it all! It was great. And even better...Daddy and I learned a lot too. There were a few things we'd totally forgotten....

oh and MK accidentally left her drawings of the process at Grandmama and GrandPapa's so I'll have to post them after she gets them back. She did a great job as well!

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King Family said...

I hope you and Thad were good students.