Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Every Day should be Valentine's Day"

yummy treats

traditional Valentine b'fast of heart shaped french toast

sweet cards from the kids to us and to each other
oh yes and they beat me to the kitchen so hubby and I were ordered to stay in bed until called (tough stay snuggled up next to my perfect Valentine while b'fast is made for us)
The kids had the table set for two with red ribbons tied around the curtains, the rolled up napkins, syrup and even the forks were adorned! We enjoyed waffles ( in they were still icey), wheat cracker sticks, and a granola bar, with perfectly made coffee...that's right my son can make a great pot of coffee, which makes washing down a frozen waffle easy as can be!

hot cocoa (coffee for M&D) in a red mug

Dancing (although in this rhythm lacking house not sure it can be called that) around the family room to Laughing Pizza's "Every day should be Valentine's Day" which you can actually download free today!!

yep...that's just before lunch time...every day should be Valentine's Day!!

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