Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"Cookie"/"she who shall not be named"

Picture is tonight...Tuesday night. My daughter doesn't make it through the night with a single pillow on her bed...she has several, but never in the morning FYI. I promise I do provide pillows

"So what's going on with the doggie" answer:
we don't know.
She's still here.
hubby still maintains "We don't need another dog!"
I have taken her to the vet for an exam and we do know someone who MIGHT be interested..we shall see. We've posted found reports, checked for a microchip, etc. We're told she is most likely the result of a foreclosure or economy in general...apparently people are leaving their dogs behind when they lose their homes, etc........I just won't go there....she's safe, warm and gets tons of attention and lots of suggly places to sleep...her favorite!

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