Thursday, January 15, 2009

You asked....

Okay so many have asked to see how I file my coupons. I said I'd get this up last week, but you see I'm a truly unorganized person and a real slacker and just didn't do it....forgive me! Also, I feel as if I'm wasn't my idea. Every single bit of it came from an organized couponer, I'm only so organized because of her...and I've never even met her!

If anyone wants to get the file I used to create my categories and labels if you know my email, email me. If not leave a comment with your email and I'll be happy to get it to you! It's very detailed and wonderfully done, but again I can NOT take credit for it...a friend of my sister's who also does Grocery Game did it..and if she ever happens to read my blog, THANK YOU RACHEL!!!!!!!

if you are just getting started and want the links and info of what I do, go Here

So here's my book...another gift from my sister's friend Rachel (wow...never met you but you so ROCK!) she passed on what she did and we just did the exact same...why mess with a good thing, right?

You can find it at Office Max ($12.99) There's only this cover and one with a sports theme. I went with this as my saved money helps me relax and afford the more fun things in a few days on Roatan in Honduras this summer and it looks JUST like this!

Here are the tabs....the main categories (sticky file tabs from Office Max, I think the package was $2)

and why this picture is wasn't taken that way nor is the file that way...arrgh!

but this is an example of it opened.

The sub topics are very specific and detailed which helps you find your coupons quickly.

these categories are great...have those weekly 40% off Michael's coupons?? Or the Publix Penny coupon (love those!) Or when you checked out were you given a coupon to get $5 off your next purchase or problem...file them in the stores section! A big time saver!

There is also a receipts section, which is really important when doing Wal-Greens rebates!

Well, Happy Savings! Not sure it is, but hopefully this is helpful to someone!


Leslie said...

You are a maniac

The Unlikely Homeschooler said...

well of course...and I know it doesn't surprise you :-)

King Family said...

Leslie always makes me laugh! I guess I am becoming a maniac too. I bought $162 worth of groceries today for $88 at Kroger and Publix. I got like 5 free products!!! I deperately need the file system. If you can e-mail me something that would be great.