Friday, March 7, 2008

Lesson Planning

I've been struggling to engage John Mark. He'll get his work done, but just doesn't get excited about anything. He does great and does his schoolwork, just not with any excitement and craving for learning. MaryKyle is easy to engage...a new book is all it takes. She loves reading, of any kind. She also loves to learn interesting bizarre facts. But John Mark goes through the motions without really getting into anything. So I decided to sit down and ask him what he'd be interested in reading and learning about. He really thought hard about it and I'm so excited about the results and he liked that I asked him. I decided to go on and ask MaryKyle too. Now I've got some fun things to look for books on, and put lessons together based on. I'm hoping this will truly engage John Mark especially and give him something to WANT to read. His reading skills are improving so very much, but I figure books that he REALLY wants to read and is interested in can help that immensely! Whoohoo!! So here are the things on their lists as they said them

JOHN MARK: Superman/Batman books, Frogs, Grasshoppers - bug project/collection, Skateboarding/tricks, History/Wars, Space, Science Experiments

MARYKYLE: Pirates (black Beard, William Walker, etc), Dinosaur bones, Science Experiments, Cooking (read and follow a recipe), Life Underground (bugs and animals, etc)


Sandra said...

A good source of nonfiction books about the sujects your son is interested in are Usborne Books. Sheryl Reagan's (at ACS) daughter-in-law Shannon is a representative for the company. You might want to check out her web page

Glad both of your children are busy and enjoying reading.

Mrs. Sandra

Rachel said...

Thanks Mrs Sandra!! I've ordered some awesome books from them before, I need to look at what they have as it's been awhile!