Tuesday, March 4, 2008

School in the Corner

We got up early to take the 5 boys from the Harding Chorus that stayed with us last night to the church building to get on the bus. So the kids had some free time while Mommy rested a bit after a late night watching a Spades game and getting everyone settled, then up at 6am to make b'fast before they headed out. The kids built a fort in the Family room. So for reading time they added a lamp and headed into the fort with their books. They were so content. Schooling in a more unconventional way works well for us most days. They will head to their desks to write a report on what they read later, but for now school in the corner works well!The Fort from the outside

John Mark chose to read the Bible story of Jonathan and David
MaryKyle chose to complete Mary Poppins Comes Back

I let them choose their books to read today. They were told they had to read one they could complete today and write a report about. John Mark is work on his brainstorming as I type this. MK is still working on finishing her book, but she will as she is on the last chapters. She LOVES this Mary Poppins Series...who knew there was several books in the series?? I didn't! Thanks GrandMama!!! She was reading a part of it the other night to a little girl that spent the night with her. Daddy and I were standing outside the room listening & cracking up at all her voices and English accents she did for each character. I will have to try to get it on tape some time!

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