Monday, April 21, 2008

Birthday Boy!!

Sorry for the lack of posts...with having the car totaled, car searching and lots of regular madness around's been a bit crazy We finally got a new car on Saturday!! HOORAY!! So glad that's over!

Sunday was John Mark's 7th b'day!! He had a Huge Weekend! he spent the night with one of his buddies Friday night and they headed downtown to a robotics convention for the evening. Then Saturday they wanted to go back to the convention and after that went with some other friends to the Brave's game. Sunday he woke up to a decorated doorway, donuts with b'day candles and his presents from Mommy and Daddy. just as we were finishing b'fast we heard a truck out front. It was the US Postal Services delivering a b'day package (yes on Sunday) from ReMaw and Papa Gene!! The package also contained goodies for me and MaryKyle!! Whoohoo, fun for all!! Inside John Mark found a gift Certificate for a brand new bike...he was thrilled!!

After worship we headed to the restaurant of his choice. He kept telling me he wanted to go "to that junkie restaurant that Daddy likes and you don't" ha ha!! It ended up being Ryan's...ick! But we went and enjoyed our time with John Mark!! After lunch Grandmama and Papa came over to give him their gift. He got a personalized tool box filled with "real" tools that have his initials etched on them. Even a heavy hammer and hand saw. He feels so grown up now and is ready to find a project to use them on!!

What a b'day!! Daddy committed to spending the day focused on John Mark (no sunday afternoon nap - poor guy) So they went bike shopping. John Mark is THRILLED with his new bike and even got a few fun accessories! Then, after evening worship services we enjoyed his personal cake request (wet coconut)

A BIG day for a big seven year old boy!!! (and then he woke up at midnight throwing up with the same vicious stomach bug his good friend he'd spent the weekend with had a few days before so he spent the next few days down for the count)

Reading the gift certificate from Papa Gene and Remaw

using his new tools to help Daddy put his new bike together

hurry up Daddy!!

Wait...whose bike is this...ha ha!!

trying some tricks on the trick bike

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