Thursday, April 24, 2008

A bit of Science Fun

We've been having some fun with Science around here so thought I'd share a few pictures. Today we learned about Solids, Liquids, and Gases and also about Chemical reactions, etc!!

We combined citric acid with baking soda, experimented with adding hot and cold waters. The kids called it correctly...the hot water makes it almost explode and the cold makes for a weak reaction!
Then we combined those two again and added red cabbage powder and experimented with adding more and less, etc to see all the color changes in the chemical reactions with more base, etc!! We had a lot of fun and they didn't want to quit. I will say though that in the picture it looks more like we are dying Easter Eggs...ha ha!!

Last week we went with friends to visit the farm where we buy our milk and got a full tour of farm, including the baby calves (one had just been born a couple days before), the new chicken barn, and the milking barn where we got to see the milking process from the start to it going into the gallons of milk we buy!! Mommy even got to milk a HUGE cow!! I didn't take enough pictures, but we had a really fun time even though it was pretty cool outside. Before we left we were sure to pick up some eggs, cheese and of course...MILK!! Today we had a b'fast the kids called "farm Fresh" because all the things we ate came from the farm!! Yummy!!!

Recently, with GrandPapa's help, we germinated tomatoes. We look forward to seeing what the summer brings for them!

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