Sunday, May 4, 2008

Just my sweet kids

It's a bit deflated already in these pics. It had little hands and feet twisted in...still cute though!So last weekend I camped out at the mall with my daughter. We Mommies didn't sleep the entire night, after all it wasn't "quiet time" til after 3am (& we had to be up to leave by 5:15) plus who can sleep on a cold hard mall floor (well all the brownies in our troop did actually eventually fall asleep). We had a fun time overall, although we did all decide we didn't plan to do it again! There was a balloon lady there that made such fun things, different than the usual balloon artist. The babies were what everyone wanted. Some got gowns, some footed nighties, all got a cap and a rec'g blanket and a real diaper...they were so cute. MK insisted on drawing her own face on her baby. Too cute! Well, it took me days to recover from no sleep. Yes, for those that know me well you know that I'm normally an insomniac, but I do need at least 4 hours of sleep to function. I think no sleep on top of days of little sleep just got my body so wiped out now I'm dealing with allergies/sinus stuff...ICK!! Never been knocked down this far with sinus stuff. So I missed church today, in fact I slept til after noon when hubby called to check on me to say they were on their way home from worship. OH MY!!! I couldn't believe it. Here's some flowers MaryKyle brought me tonight after worship to help me feel better. She had spent the day at Mom and Dad's and picked me azaleas from all of Papa's that all all over their 13 acres. She was so proud of how she arranged them and put a bow on the vase, etc. She also made me a card with her own poem.
My kids are so precious!! Just the other night when I started feeling so bad John Mark walks over to me and said "Mommy what feels bad?" I told him I was just super stopped up and it was making my head hurt, etc and he asked a few more questions and I said "are you going to try to fix me or something?" it was just so funny to have him asking so many questions and sounding as if he was thinking of what to do to help me. He said "No, I'm sorry I can't now, but when I grow up and become a Dr I will!!" So instead for now I just got my back patted and a hug and kiss.....PERFECT and better than any Dr for sure!!

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