Friday, May 30, 2008

Bad blogger

Well, we've had a full few days, but did I take a single'm crazy!! Some bloggers are so good about taking pictures of the most mundane things in their lives and always having their cameras on the ready. not this one...sorry!!
My niece has been in town. She is the most amazing beautiful curly haired little girl ever and I've enjoyed just staring at her and loving on her, my kids have been all over her and spent a few hours with her yesterday - no pictures.
yesterday my kids and I and a friend and her kids went to the 'free movie' and had a good time - no pictures

After playing with their cousin, the kids headed to Spanish class - no pictures
After Spanish class John Mark spent the night with his friend Alex - no pics
MaryKyle's friend Taylor spent the night here - no pictures
Today, we went to the church bldg where a bee keeper came and did a presentation about bees. A bunch of our friends and neighbors came, and Holland (niece) came and stayed with us while Grandmama ran errands...all of us picnicked afterward got it no pictures...BUT I did learn that there are 40-45 thousand bees in a single healthy hive.
honey bees visit appx 2 million flowers to produce one pound of honey.
most wild honeybees are extinct in the US
queen bees will lay appx 2000 eggs per day
rub some beeswax on your kids tennis shoes laces and they will stay tied.
So it's been productive and educational, just no photographs to help us I'll just have to read the blog to remember instead....
oh yeah and I painted 21 sand pails for a friend. Oh wait I DO have a picture of those!!! hooray for me....!!!
I know, not too's somehow easier to remember to take pictures of still objects then when lots of kids are running around needing me....I'll do better tomorrow. We are having grandkid portraits made tomorrow, going to a party, and visiting with family. Should be a full yet fun day!!!

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