Monday, May 26, 2008

weenie roast fun!!

Well last week we celebrated the end of the year with MaryKyle's Brownie troop. We had a fun weenie roast at my parents house. MaryKyle wanted to know "why do all my friends and their parents think GrandMama and Papa's is so awesome?" i asked her how many people did she know that had a park/playground and a fire ring for weenie roasts with built in benches even? She said "oh, weellll..." as if she was going to list a bunch and then said "WOW, we are lucky!!" ha ha ha!! I agreed!! thanks Mom for letting us use your home and property while you were out of town and thanks Daddy for all your work mowing and getting everything ready for us!! Everyone (parents and kiddos) had an abosolute ball and look forward to doing it again!!
MaryKyle done with cooking and ready to eat!

MaryKyle's best friend Taylor. They are in Brownies and Spanish together and cry everytime they have to say goodbye to each other!! amazingly I don't seem to have gotten a picture of them together at the cook-out.

our awesome leaders presenting the girls with their badges and goodies

Then Friday night this week we headed over there just to have a family weenie roast. mom had just gotten back in town from Nashville and we had invited them over to eat so she wouldn't have to do anything or worry about it, but Daddy and I decided a weenie roast sounded fun and simple!! So we just got the stuff for that...even smores and with dark chocolate for John Mark (his favorite!) Weenie roasts are just too fun!! Daddy whittled John Mark a Bowie knife while we were sitting around the fire. He LOOOVES it and has carried it all over with him since. He heard my stories of doing pre-1840 reenactments as a middle/highschooler and about how I was good at the Bowie knife and tomahawk target pitching and was convinced he could do it with that wooden knife. He tried to set up his own target in our backyard, and even though it didn't work, he is still convinced he will find someway that it will!!

John Mark with his cool knife!

playing whiz kid after the weenie roast before heading home

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