Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Big Sis!!

a wild game of Beyond Balderdash!!
Very Pregnant with Holland

on Holland's first b'day. Aren't they precious?!

Yesterday was her b'day and this weekend is their anniversary. They are actually coming down here and leaving my gorgeous niece with my parents for a few days and going downtown and enjoying the four seasons (I think). With my new baby nephew on the way very soon it's a much deserved break!! I can't wait to see my niece some since the last time I did she was feeling so horrid, but she sure was snuggly and hubby and I ate that up!! She is a doll baby and we all love being with her any chance we get even though it's not very often. It's going to be hard not to try to steal Mom and Dad's time with her!!
My sister is a wonderful Mommy. I'm loving her having kids now since for so many years it was just me with the crazy little one stories. I love hearing her tell Holland stories!! She is an amazing Aunt (my kids are well blessed when it comes to Aunts for sure!!)!! MaryKyle loves that Aunt Laura Beth will scrapbook with her...that's right her Mommy hates to...but Aunt Laura Beth fills the void...THANKS LB!!! She is an amazing cook. If you ever saw the cakes and cookies she can do you would think she is a professional. John Mark will never claim me as his b'day cake maker no matter how many I do for him. "Aunt Laura Beth is my cake maker" he says!! He will reassure me I do well, but assure me she is the best...so true so true I tell him!! She is a gifted decorator, Her house is simply amazing. She has a green thumb. She is an organizer. She is brilliant. She can even tackle construction projects. She and her husband have remodeled two houses now (still working on the 2nd, but it looks awesome!). Yep my sister is just plain awesome and I love her!!

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