Monday, May 19, 2008

Trujillo, Honduras summer adventure

Oh my goodness our summer adventure is fast approaching!! We leave on June 19 and will return on July 22.

There are so so soooo many things to get done before we leave our lives here in the states for a month, it's just a 'bit' overwhelming.
the kids are beyond excited to see their friends again. Our plan right now is for them to attend school there to increase their language skills. Hubby and I will be going to a Spanish school.. So hopefully hopefully hopefully we will come back with increased Spanish skills!! We always do so much better there than trying to speak Spanish here.

We have been blessed to receive buddy passes for the direct Delta flight there. What a wonderful gift!! Now we are just praying that we are all able to get on the flight easily as we will be flying standby both ways. I'm not too worried about it though, we'll get there and eventually we'll get home!!

Some things I must do in the next few weeks to get ready:

-ensure everyone has the clothes they need

-clean the house clean the house clean the house

-go through recipes and copy ones I can use there and shop for
any ingredients I'll need to take with me that I can't get there (like chocolate chips!!)

-clean the house

-get two more large suitcases (one down one to go, THANKS Rachel Mc)

-keep sending emails and making contacts about rental houses

-ensure there is a month supply of dog food, etc on hand for Sydney (our furry family member who won't be able to make the trip, but will be well cared for in our absence)

-pack a first aid/medicine kit

-get our anti-malarial pills

-purchase a few cleaning supplies I want to take with me (who can live without chlorox wipes)

-purchase the supplies our team needs for our Sponsor project

-oh yeah, and CLEAN THE HOUSE!!!!

There is so much more, but this is a good start for me to look at


Sandra said...

I wish you all the best in your work in Honduras this summer. What a good work you are doing and what a wonderful experience and example for your children. God bless. Mrs. Sandra

Jacinta Mucosa said...

The suggestion I am always raving about is bringing shampoo. It is so expensive there when the equivalent here would be $1.

Do you ever ship anything to Honduras. I was just curious what the options are in Atlanta. (I'm over here in Augusta.)

Good luck with your plans.

Pablo y Raquel said...
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Rachel said...

Mrs Sandra, Thanks so much for your kind words!

thanks for the shampoo tip, I'll be sure to do that! On shipping, i've only ever shipped something UPS (yes UPS, although it's a contracted company on the Honduras end), it was documents that had to get there quickly and amazingly they did! The cost was around $90 though. I've heard as far as container shipping though that you can 'lease' space on an empty unloaded banana boat heading back to Puerto Castilla from California for less then other containter shipping. But I don't know much about it or where to start looking for info...SORRY!!

Jacinta Mucosa said...

I found this company that has an office in Atlanta: